Perception – A tale of two minds

Kathy and Lara both have to speak in front of all their colleagues for a work event. Kathy is cool with it. She sees the whole presentation going perfectly, in fact she is excited and feels a sparkly feeling in her chest when she thinks about it. Lara, however, is freaking out! When she thinks [&hel

Life Transitions

Transitions in life can feel overwhelming. Whether it’s moving house or country or changing career or partner. Your unconscious mind doesn’t love the unknown and often panic can set in when it doesn’t know where to start. Together we can work make the adaptation process less difficult and have

Memory & Learning

Learners often fear making mistakes so much that they don’t ever get started. They go about learning with the wrong mindset and negative beliefs which ends up sabotaging their progress. Our best learning takes place when we are engaged, happy, and relaxed. I will set you up on the right learning t

Exam Nerves

Another area related to learning and memory I work with is exam stress. Exams stress is really about fear of failure. You become what you believe, which is why hypnotherapy teaches the brain to enjoy revision, remember everything that is revised, and keeps you calm throughout the exam so that you ca


I think the reason that I especially love these sessions is because a long time ago, I used to work in film and production, and it was a really fun and exciting time for me, so I always really enjoy going back to it. Acting is all about communicating emotion. NLP holds a lot of […]

Sexual issues

I see clients for a vast range of sexually related issues and a lot of those issues lead to feelings of shame. You might think you’re the only person with these difficulties but you really aren’t. Sex related problems are very common with approximately 10-15 per cent of the population suffering


Studies now show the single most important value employers look for in the workplace is creativity. The skill, belief and ability to be creative requires nurturing and encouragement. This is for those that feel that they have lost their creative flow or feel blocked and need to reboot. It is also fo

Magic Mindset

Law of Attraction is the name given to the maxim “like attracts like” which is used to sum up the idea that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life because first you make your beliefs, and then your beliefs make you. W


What it would be like to live your life feeling truly confident? Trusting yourself and the choices you make. Excited about walking into a room to meet new people, about communicating your ideas and thoughts and making yourself more visible out there in the world. Working on your confidence allows yo

Coming out

I am a proud supporter of the right to love anyone you wish to. I have seen many clients especially those from less accepting communities and families that are afraid of coming out and living the life they want to live. Nothing makes me happier than working with them to create the life they want [&h