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how long does change take?

Change. How long does it take?

Rate of change is a famously tricky thing to measure and has it’s variables.


Below I will discuss my thoughts.


I recently saw a client for the last of our agreed sessions. These had been spaced out over roughly six weeks. During this time she had made change in the most incredible way. It hasn’t so much been one big shift more of a succession of small shifts that had made the difference. A few weeks ago she was hidden under frumpy jumpers. Now after having lost half a stone in weight she arrived wearing fluorescent yellow eye shadow, a symbol of her commitment to taking back her life and her personal sense of style which she felt she had lost.


She looked strong, confident and was excited about her future.



4 steps to Rihanna’s Confidence –

She is probably one of the most exciting celebrities out there, but what does it take to as confident as Rihanna?

As a result of Rihanna’s diamond Coachella Gucci fabulousness Eleanor Lees wrote this article with some advice from me.


Here is a snippet from points 1 and 3 about her IDGAF mindset.  For the full article click the link at the bottom of the page.


To get confidence like Rihanna’s get in touch with me today.



How do I get Beyonce’s Mindset? –

No-one performs like Beyonce but what does it take to have a mindset like hers?


Eleanor Lees wrote this article with some advice from me, about what it really takes.


Here are steps 1 and 3. For the full article click the link at the bottom of the page.


If you’d like to know how to live as confidently as Beyonce get in touch today.


Beyonce - The first black woman to headline Coachella

Beyonce breaking Coachella


Learning a language through Hypnosis. What's the reality?

Learn a language using Hypnosis? – Babbel

Can learning a language really be helped by Hypnosis?


Many moons ago, when I started as a Hypnotherapist, I specialized in helping my clients learn languages through Hypnosis. It’s a fascinating area.


My experience as an English teacher got me curious about  the unconscious and how it get’s in the way of people’s ability to learn. This is a snippet from an interview I did with Babbel. In it I talk about the realities of what’s possible with Hypnosis and learning.



Astrology and horoscopes

Astrology & Hypnosis, is there a link? – Barcelona City FM, Jim Kent

Do Hypnosis and Astrology have anything in common?


Here is the radio show I did with Jim Kent from Barcelona City FM for Under Lucky Stars 07/17. We had a great time talking about astrology, being a celebrity hypnotherapist and a Leo. To learn more about Hypnosis and how it can help you create the life of your dreams, regardless of the planets alignment. Click here to have a chat.


Acne - Does Hypnotherapy help?

Can you improve your skin with Hypnosis?

Can Hypnosis fight acne and give you clearer skin?


The answer is, it’s not that black and white but there is hope.


I recently worked with Anna Rova, a digital nomad, mega-goddess and frequent contributor to Medium. The issue we were treating was her skin and the reasons why her acne appeared. To learn more about how I work with the physical symptoms of stress, such as affected sleep, hair pulling, stress related acne click here.


She wrote an article about her journey to perfect skin and her experience working with me and using Hypnosis. Small correction: Anna writes that I had said that it had worked in a couple of cases but actually I work with skin issues frequently with excellent results.


Can I learn languages using Hypnosis?

Can I learn with Hypnotherapy? – Neurolanguage Coaching Conference

Is it possible to learn languages using Hypnosis?


I spoke at the The First Worldwide Neurolanguage Coaching Conference. My talk was about learning languages through hypnosis. It took place on the 8th-10th March 2017 in Mainz, Germany. Language learning has a lot to do with confidence.


So if you believe you are lacking in confidence in your abilities or intelligence, let’s work on it together.  Click here for more.


How Thomas Rees fought his fear to deliver his message

How Thomas Rees faced his fear #biggaykissin – BBC

How a fear of public speaking almost got in the way of a much bigger message


What you are about to read is a testimonial from Thomas Rees. It comes along with a wonderful back story which I’ve been given permission by Thomas to share with you.


How his fear of speaking in public nearly ruined an important opportunity for change. To find out how you can release your fears, click here.