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Check out my blog to learn more about hypnosis, therapy, wellness, self-care, coaching, issues I treat and much more!

4 steps to Rihanna’s Confidence –

She is probably one of the most exciting celebrities out there, but what does it take to be confident like Rihanna? Eleanor Lees wrote this article with some advice from me. As a result of Rihanna's diamond Coachella Gucci fabulousness. Here is a snippet from points 1...

How do I get Beyonce’s Mindset? –

No-one performs like Beyonce but what does it get to have a mindset like hers? Eleanor Lees wrote this article with some advice from me, about what it really takes. Here are steps 1 and 3. For the full article click the link at the...

Learning a language through Hypnosis. What's the reality?

Learn a language using Hypnosis? – Babbel

Can learning a language really be helped by Hypnosis? Many moons ago, when I started as a Hypnotherapist, I specialized in helping my clients learn languages through Hypnosis. It's a fascinating area. My experience as an English teacher got me curious about  the unconscious and how...

Coaching or Hypnosis?

Coaching vs Hypnosis? – Fuel 4 Friday, Sam Mednick

What's the difference between Coaching and Hypnosis? Here is the radio show I did with the wonderful Sam Mednick from The Grid, 12/16. I had so much fun with her talking about life, Barcelona and Coaching. To learn more about how Jessica does Confidence Coaching click...

Acne - Does Hypnotherapy help?

Can you improve your skin with Hypnosis?

Can Hypnosis fight acne and give you clearer skin? The answer is, it's not that black and white but there is hope. I recently worked with Anna Rova, a digital nomad, mega-goddess and frequent contributor to Medium. The issue we were treating was her skin and...

Talking guided meditation with Jim Kent

How I discovered meditation – Barcelona City FM, Jim Kent

How does someone get into Hypnosis and Meditation? Tuesday 26th of July I visited Jim Kent for his morning show. 'Morning People with Jim Kent'08/16. So we talked about how I came to be interested in Hypnosis and meditation. Finally we discussed studying Hypnosis in London. Getting...

Katrina and Jessica discuss Cognitive Hypnotherapy

09/16: Hypnotherapy on The Grid with Katrina Logie

How can Hypnotherapy change your life? I had a blast with Katrina Logie, On the Grid. We talked about how Hypnotherapy can change your life. As a result I go into detail about the results you can achieve through Hypnosis. Finally we discuss the huge benefits...

Cognitive Hypnotherapy. What is it?

Cognitive Hypnotherapy in 3 minutes

What is Cognitive Hypnotherapy? So do you want to know more about Cognitive Hypnotherapy? as a result what makes it different from other therapy models? Click the link below to watch this animation narrated by Trevor Silvester. Finally look here for some answers to FAQs.  And for...

What results can be expected?

Results with Hypnosis, what can you expect – Adam Eason & Trevor Silvester

[embed][/embed] What kind of results can you expect? First of all an average of six sessions, 71% reported themselves recovered. These results are remarkable compared to 42% of people using other IAPT therapies. This podcast is an interview with Adam Eason of the School of Therapeutic Hypnosis.  Trevor...

Where is the evidence?

Proven effectiveness of Cognitive Hypnotherapy

[embed][/embed] Why is evidence so important? Hypnotherapeutic change is historically hard to measure. So this is one of the most important reasons why many consider hypnotherapy an alternative therapy. Despite it's power to make huge changes in people's lives. For that reason documenting the evidence is so...