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Jessica Boston

Cognitive Hypnotherapy Online


Harnessing emotion into action with the power of hypnosis

The intention of our emotions is often misunderstood and with more and more people than ever before experiencing the physical symptoms of anxiety, this confusion can be problematic. Feelings and emotions are essentially sensations sent to us to make us aware of the thoughts our minds are creating on a moment to moment basis. Thoughts often in the form of predictions that are filtered through the lens of our past memories, experiences, and beliefs. Often we become scared of these feelings because of the meaning we have attached to them but if we listen they will give us a lot of information about ourselves and what we really need. So often when we are being dominated by our feelings and emotions it comes down to not knowing enough about ourselves and the subconscious factors which guide our lives and block us from clarity.


Another misconception surrounding feelings and emotions is the belief that emotional responses are hardwired. They aren’t. Jessica works with a holistic approach going through the ins and outs of what is happening in both your mind and body to gain a deep understanding and using the power of hypnosis rewires your thinking, redesigning your mind and in doing so changing your emotional responses for tomorrow. After the sessions your memories remain, but the emotion attached is updated with new learning and you will soon you begin to notice the changes in yourself. If you feel that something is holding you back, then it’s time to work through that which without you even knowing is controlling your life and instead harnessing an energized determination to take action.

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