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Using advanced hypnotherapy techniques, I can free you from anxiety and depression so you can live your best life. Book your FREE consultation to find out how!
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What it would be like to live living your best life with a deep confidence?

Trusting yourself and the choices you make and excited about the possibilities that come from just enjoying being you?


My name is Jessica and I work with cognitive hypnotherapy to help you get control of your anxiety, weight, stress, confidence and depression.

Using this holistic approach, I work through the ins and outs of what is happening in both your mind and body to gain a deeper understanding of your needs and guide you to getting the results you are after.

Nowadays it appears everyone is experiencing some form of anxiety and the physical symptoms that come with it.

Various factors contribute but a common one is simply misunderstanding what is going on inside you. If the unconscious mind is fearful of an imagined outcome because it is holding on to information that in the past this has been a previous threat, it will work in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways to keep you safe.

One of those ways is sabotage and by sending out exaggerated physical responses designed to block you and shut you down. Effective, because once again your unconscious mind believes it has kept you alive, so SUCCESS! yet Frustrating, because you aren’t living the life you want.

Before working with me clients often believe their minds are fixed and the negative moment they find themselves in will last forever. This can often manifest as meta-anxiety, a fear of the fear of anxiety and the hold it has on them.

This is a cycle that is hard to break alone. Good help for combating anxiety can be hard to come by so often they have tried all sorts of different things with little success. This seals the belief that it will be like this forever which then contributes to the anxiety getting worse, completing the cycle and aggravating the condition.

AAARGH! This is why anxiety can be such a monster and so tricky to leave behind!

but don’t despair, it’s not at all hopeless and the good news is it absolutely can leave your life.

The path to a new life comes through negotiating with the unconscious.

We are hardwired for fear but not the things we fear. The responses you currently have and do are learned behaviours. They are simply habits of thinking that can be unlearnt and the same way of thinking your mind used to create it’s current response, can be engineered into creating the response you want. By replacing old beliefs with your own better ones, you will be able to let go of what holds you back and transform into the confident person you might not yet believe you are capable of becoming.

I will provide you with a safe space to explore what your anxiety is trying to communicate with you and together we will redesign your mind and change your emotional responses for tomorrow. We all have our own solutions within us and I will guide you until you get them and have created the confident life you want.