Anxiety and stress release with Hypnotherapy & Healing - Online and London
Leave behind stress, anxiety, weight issues and depression so you can live your best life with confidence. Find out today how to get started. Get in touch today!
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DOWNLOAD this FREE guided meditation to experience deep, lasting confidence

Whether it’s listening to this gift or taking the next steps to work with me on your anxiety or confidence. I will help you prove it can be so.

Looking for permanent freedom from anxiety?

My name is Jessica Boston. I am a Hypnotherapist and Healer with over eight years experience helping people resolve and release their pains. I work holistically to understand what is going on with your mind and body. Then I update your unconscious mind accordingly. I specialize in issues linked to stress and anxiety, weight and body image and self confidence, because those used to be my struggles and I really know what it takes to make the changes that make the difference.

This can and will:
– Release overwhelming, depressive spirals of thinking.
– Take back control of negative, anxious feelings.
– Manage and maintain weight issues by healing unresolved pains.
– Build strong foundations of a deep sense of confidence within you.

All behaviour has a reason. Your current unwanted thoughts and patterns were simply learnt, then repeated until they got stuck as a habit. Using Hypnosis we will understand how and why it began and release the emotion attached to the unconscious thinking driving it. Then we programme in your new beliefs chosen by you, that suit and serve who you are today. Hypnosis is by far the quickest and most effective way to update your thinking quickly and permanently. Results of comparative study by American Health Magazine show Hypnotherapy is 93% effective after only 6 sessions.

 I will provide you with a safe space to explore what your mind and body are desperate to communicate with you. Together we will redesign the parts of your thinking you want to change and in doing so update your emotional responses for tomorrow. You will let go of what keeps you from what you really want in life and finally be able to step into the confident person somewhere inside you know you can be.

Find out how you could say goodbye to anxiety and experience life with a deep confidence. Having more fun just being you. Click below to read more about the help I can offer you.

So why not begin to think about how good it would be to fully trust yourself. Excited about all that comes from awakening your inner gold, because this can and will change your life.

Read testimonials from clients whose life changed.