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    Using the power of hypnosis discover your inner gold and have more fun being you.

  • Jessica Boston

    HPD, CCHyp, DipCHyp, NLPMP, MNCH

    Jessica Boston is a leading trust expert based in London. With almost a decade of experience, seeing clients all over the world (online) helping them make changes in as soon as the first session.

    hypnotherapist London

    Her creative, intuitive formula underpinned by extensive training and certification applies what it truly takes to permanently release anxiety and become confident.


    Jessica says all problems arise because your unconscious fears the lack of certainty in an outcome. These reactions are based on interpretations of past memories and experiences. The unconscious uses story with information deleted, distorted and generalized to protect you, an action it believes is keeping you alive but instead limits you and leaves you terrified. You then become those stories.


    Feeling conflicted and confused, this is why it will often move you away from what you really want, as what you fear and desire is registered the same thing.


    I have the formula to connect you back to deep, confident trust. Throughout, we will work on what your mind perceives as dangerous. I will provide you with a space to explore what your feeling and thinking have been trying to communicate with you, uncovering the fears stuck at the heart of your issue.


    By redefining beliefs at both a conscious and unconscious level we can move you towards how you want life to be until it is cemented. In doing so we can open the way for you to see that nothing has to be the way it's always been.

    "This logical formula applied to an irrational part of your thinking will change your life. I get results. I am committed to your success. If you are too, change is inevitable and it is yours."

  • "Jessica changed my life. I now understand why I was doing the things I was doing, and can move on with my life, the sessions are so powerful, I've never experienced anything like it, and I'm blown away by how much I understand about myself."

    - Kiki Morris, Musician

    "Being able to control my mind and my emotions has been wonderful – the change was immediate."

    - C.D, Managing Director

    "I am very very happy with how life is turning out! I no longer feel paralyzed by fear or what other people may say or think about me.​"

    - Sarah Jayne Scott, DLuxe Wellbeing Private Yachts & Villas

    "She makes you feel like she personally goes on a journey of healing with you. She will work tirelessly through different methods to make that magic work for you."

    - Sophia Davis, Luxury Brand Consultant

    "For over 10 years I did not fly in an airplane. But now I remain calm, relaxed, and am even able to enjoy the experience of flying."

    - Andrea M, California

  • Curious but unsure?

    Let's get to know each other better in an obligation-free, complimentary call.

    There I can offer you quality guidance and by the end of it, you will have:

    • advice you can implement immediately.
    • an idea of the most cost-effective programme for fast, permanent results.
    •  additional information about how my formula works and why it does.
    Know that if there is fear to chat despite you wanting to, it is coming from your unconscious desperate to protect you from looking foolish for taking action it sees it as a pointless pursuit. Use that as evidence that healing needs to take place.

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  • Approach

    Your Unconscious is Incredible.


    But it easily becomes a tool used to advance you or a weapon you yourself uses what feels like against you.

    If you are in survival mode, because of perceived threat potentially in the form of pain or rejection, your mind will have to prioritize and use its brilliant capacity for creativity and limitless imagination for fear-based thinking as a measure to keep you safe. As a result, self-doubt will become constant.


    Your Unconscious is Powerful.


    But it is not hard-wired, your thinking can be changed. Throughout your life, experience has changed you and you adapted.

    The thoughts your unconscious equated to helping you survive however illogical have proved more stubborn. This is because that level of change requires a level negotiation with the deeper structures of language in your unconscious. It also requires your confidence in the knowledge that throughout the process your best intentions are a priority.


    This is Where I Come in.


    You being alive not merely to survive but to thrive is my mission.

    90% of behaviour is unconsciously programmed so we need to communicate with that part of your thinking. The unreasonable, creative, protective part and I know how to. I will repurpose, reprogramme and reverse the dark and heavy thinking that keeps you stagnant and fearful and transform it into thoughts that fill your life with joy, confidence and trust.



    Healing the cause of mistrust in your environment, your relationships and yourself.

  • Which Journey will be yours?

    For help in choosing your journey and information on prices, please book a Lucidity Call. Here I can answer further questions and select which option would be most effective (in both results and cost) for permanent freedom from your issue(s).

    The Pattern Smasher


    2 Weeks or 1 Half-Day Intensive

    For you if you feel controlled by compulsions, behaviours, thoughts and habits or held back by your fears and addictions

    1. breaking habits in the way of your full potential.
    2. helping you take consistent action towards new and chosen habits.
    3. getting aligned with your unconscious making the life you want real.
    • 3 Hypnosis Sessions
    • Journey Journal with Meditation
    • 3 Personalized Meditations
    • An Approach
    • Support

    The Anxiety Breaker


    2 Months

    For you if you have anxiety and dark, heavy thoughts and feelings, physical symptoms of stress in the body and have toxic relationships

    1. helping you make sense of what's behind the emotional and physical discomfort of your issue.
    2. releasing negative thoughts driving dark heavy feelings.
    3. allowing you to live permanently free from the crippling hold it has on you.
    • 6 Hypnosis Sessions
    • 2 Journey Journals with Meditation
    • 6 Personalized Meditations
    • An Approach
    • Support

    The Confidence Creator


    6 Months

    For you if you have little or no self esteem and confidence, no career direction, feelings of depression and can't trust anything anymore

    1.  abolishing what gets in the way of you enjoying life, feeling confident and having fun.
    2. allowing you to trust yourself deeply so you experience life in flow.
    3. setting up your dream future, ready to make it happen.
    • 10 Hypnosis Sessions
    • 3 Journey Journals with Meditation
    • 10 Personalized Meditations
    • An Approach
    • Support
  • Every Journey Includes

    Hypnosis Sessions

    Exploring your issue and deeply understanding your subconscious and it's fears and dreams.

    Hypnosis is a natural state where the mind is focused, the nervous system is relaxed, and you are exceptionally suggestible. It has nothing to do with relaxation and everything to do with exciting the mind into taking action towards what it really wants. It is by far the most effective way to update your thinking quickly and permanently. Results of a comparative study by American Health Magazine show improvement after:

    • Psychoanalysis: 38%   600 sessions
    • Behaviour Therapy: 72%   22 sessions
    • Hypnotherapy: 93%   6 sessions
    Each session you benefit from the clarity of a deeper understanding of what your unconscious has been trying to accomplish and what it needs to know to begin a catalyst for change. Reprogramming your mind through deprogramming it.

    Personalized Meditations

    Embedding the lessons and created from the revelations uncovered in our unconscious trance-work lessons.

    I speak a language which communicates with your subconscious mind through trance and uses your own words to restructure your perspective, rebuilding its inner architecture. Using the information gathered in the session, I create a personalised and poetic meditation.


    Listening between sessions cements the messages revealed until we see each other next because they undo the trance you are in when you are hijacked by the emotion your deep-rooted fear-based beliefs create in the moments you feel you lose control. They tune your focus into finding its case for safety and trust establishing this information as a priority. Guiding you towards small actionable steps and creating a new reality so you command your life with effortless confidence.

    Journey Journals

    Keeping note of evidence of change cements it

    By keeping notes of the big and little wins that happen throughout the journey, your mind collates a case of evidence which overrules its previous "scary" information about the stimulus.


    New evidence = new thoughts = new feelings = new actions = new life.


    Guiding you on your journey

    I will monitor your progress between sessions and push you through any further underlying unconscious resistance. Deep change isn’t linear when you move big beliefs around new smaller ones can appear. But you can feel safe knowing I am on hand to work through what surfaces as your guide on your journey.

    An Approach

    Communicating with your subconscious

    My goal is to leave you with the knowledge of how to:

    • deal with challenging thoughts and feelings.
    • manage responses to your own emotional and physical pain.
    • use the skills needed to improve performance and peak flow.
    • improve your communication and enhance your relationships.
    • better any area of your life by applying what we establish as successful at creating results in you.
  • Treatments

    You can pick and choose from these different treatments to work on in your journey. If you do not see your issue below, get in touch and we can discuss it further together.


    General Anxiety Disorder

    Social Anxiety

    Performance Anxiety

    Challenging Emotions

    Panic Attacks

    Stress & Worry


    Success Mindset & Motivation

    Imposter Syndrome

    Chronic Procrastination & Sabotage

    Language Learning

    Creative Blocks

    Career Coaching

    Decision Making



    Disordered Eating

    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

    Bruxism (Teeth Grinding)

    Hair Pulling & Falling

    Nail Biting

    Compulsive & Emotional Eating




    Abusive Relationships

    Establishing Boundaries

    Couples Therapy


    Dating & Getting Back Out There

    Wedding Day Nerves

    Family & Parenting





    Food & Sugar


    Shopping & Excessive Spending

    Social Media



    Acne & Skin Issues

    Body Dismorphic Disorder

    IBS & Stomach Issues


    Headaches & Migraines


    Pain Management

    Inability to Orgasm

    Sexual Performance Issues

    Pregnancy & Childbirth



    Public Speaking

    Coming Out


    Exposure & Being Seen


  • Blog

    Read more about the issues I can help you overcome

  • Contact

    Get in touch to start your journey and I will get back to you as quickly as possible.
    Please facilitate some confidential details about yourself like:
    1. Why you want to see me, about you(r issue)
    2. What you want to change, how life would be
    3. Where you want to see me, London or Online
    4. When works best for you, time of day etc.

  • It's time to love the life you live

    We will awaken your inner gold so you can experience life with deep confidence, fully trusting yourself because once you do there is so much fun to be had being you.

  • Qualifications

    – Trained as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist, with the founder of the discipline, Trevor Silvester, at the internationally renowned Quest Institute, Regents University, London. Quest is a well respected authority in the field. It’s qualification requirements are of the most rigorous in the United Kingdom.
    – Holds a Hypnotherapist Practitioner’s Diploma. The first nationally accredited Hypnotherapy qualification externally verified by:
    * the National Council of Hypnotherapy (NCH)
    * the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)
    * independently accredited by the Northern Advisory Council for Further Education (NCFE).

    – Member of the QHCPA. An association dedicated to documenting evidence-based research on the efficacy of Cognitive Hypnotherapy.
    – Fully trained in The Marisa Peer Method. Also known as Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT). After completing training with Marisa herself at Imperial College, London.

    Fully trained in Applied Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (AMDR), Parts Therapy, Addiction Protocol and Additional advanced, time tested and modern therapeutic healing techniques.

    – Abides by strict codes of conduct and ethics of good practice. Is fully insured. Sessions are completely confidential.
    – Committed to Continuing Professional Development. Ensuring she is up to date with new techniques, ideas and schools of thought.

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