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Is it Time to Banish the F-Word?

Imposter Syndrome

· Confidence,Career

I work with imposter syndrome on a daily basis. I find women always seem to underplay their achievements and shrink to make others comfortable and in doing so they forget to hold onto the evidence that they are capable and brilliant.


In this article in The Belfast Telegraph, I was quoted discussing this in more detail.


Jessica Boston (, a cognitive hypnotherapist, says she meets clients every day who are battling feelings of failure. But she also nods to that all-important flip side the others speak of - that the biggest fear is often of success.


"We make ourselves small and find ourselves creating the outcome of our failure. Investigate if there is a reason why you're keeping yourself away from the thing you want"


Boston agrees that how we talk to and about ourselves makes a big difference.


"Even in a joke, negative self-talk all goes in and the unconscious is always listening. If you're calling yourself a failure, it'll look for evidence you're a failure, and keep feeding you that evidence," she says.

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