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Is Fear of Public Speaking Sabotaging Your Career?

Public Speaking, Performance Anxiety

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A whopping 90% of people don’t enjoy public speaking! But that no longer has to be YOU!

I’ll take you through every part of giving an excellent presentation, I’ll coach you through how to use your voice, how to signpost (which is just a fancy word for letting others know where they are in your presentation), what to do if you lose your words, how to use non-verbal language to get your message across, your body language and movement.

I’ll teach you NLP techniques to create rapport with the listener. We’ll work on making your presentation more effective and engaging and finding your voice and style. All these areas that people struggle with when it comes to speaking in public

Together we’ll be able to refine everything and make what you have something fantastic through rehearsal and feedback and I have that extra weapon in my arsenal in that should you have any performance anxiety that might get in the way, using Hypnosis I can get you into the state you want more of, how cool is that!

So I just want you to take a moment and think; If you were able to speak really confidently in front of a room full of people, how would that be different?

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