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How To Have the Stamina for Success like Queen Beyonce

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Everyone knows Queen B. She is the greatest living performer on the planet and a hard grafter but how does she create her success?

You've probably heard the famous saying "you have the same number of hours in the day as Beyoncé", but sometimes that can feel hard to believe.

I'm here to give you 5 tips to reach Bey's same level of stamina and success mindset. This is inspired from the article 5 ways to get the mental stamina Beyoncé needed to pull off that epic Coachella performance I collaborated with. Let's get started.

beyonce success mindset

1. Create a more confident version of yourself

Beyoncé used to claim that every time she needed to do her best at a performance, she stepped into an alter ego: Sasha Fierce.

“An alter ego can be a great way to create stamina. It’s like giving yourself permission to explore a different part of yourself and you can even convince yourself that your alter ego has the strength to complete the task required.”

Next time you need to work on your own business or give an excellent presentation, focus on being a fearless or confident version of yourself.

2. Sense of purpose

Beyoncé finds extra motivation to always outdo herself by embracing the idea that there is a higher power looking out for her. Additionally, she has an extra sense of purpose an honour by being an icon for black women and feminism.

Ask yourself what is your "Why?". Why are you doing what you do or why are pursuing that goal. It's easier to be on the right frame of mind when reminded of this.

3. Enjoy what you are doing

Beyoncé clearly loves her work and this has a major impact on her success.

Have you noticed how time flies when you are enjoying yourself?

"Next time you need to summon stamina like this, try and think of a way to connect what you’re doing back to a happy memory to find a way to make it fun." Time will go faster and you'll be much more efficient.

beyonce success mindset

4. Practise

“Human beings have limited focus so if you have lots of fears about what could go wrong, your focus is pulled away from your performance. Beyonce trusts herself to deal with whatever emerges because she knows every beat of what she’s doing and expects the same of those around her. Rehearsal is not just about knowing the moves it is about the confident mindset it creates in knowing you got this.”

Practise with the same consistency and you will master your art.

5.Look after yourself

She has a whole team of professionals making sure Beyonce is eating only what is best for her health and her career.

However, you too can implement self-care by researching about nutrition and healthy habits. Without self-care, is almost impossible to keep achieving your goals in a sustainable manner.

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