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How to Get Fearlessly Confident Like Rihanna

DGAF Confidence

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No doubt that Rihanna has one of the coolest and most inspirational mindsets out there. She’s got a successful music career and is now a prosperous and aspirational businesswoman.

However, her DGAF mindset is probably the main reason why her fans know and love her. She’s always expressing herself unapologetically through her clothes, songs, and statements.

You don’t need to reach your career goals before becoming truly yourself with a deep sense of confidence. Keep on reading to learn 4 things you can learn from Rihanna to be exceptionally confident.

Here are the 4 ways to find your confidence, Rihanna style.

1. Live Life Like a Creative Pursuit

I think Rihanna is always looking for ways to have more fun while styling herself.


Even if you don’t have access to such an eccentric and creative wardrobe, you can still use little changes and details to make a huge difference.

(Extract from the article):

“Set aside a day where you make a point of trying something new, a bright eye shadow perhaps, slightly bigger earrings. You don’t have to leave the house in a diamond catsuit and a Gucci t-shirt but making little shifts will prepare your mind for bigger ones.

“Living in this way becomes about much more than just style choices, it is about living with a creative mindset which ultimately means that there is no failure, only freedom.”

2. Surround Yourself With Supportive People

Give your time and energy to people who encourage you and are prepared to lift you up. When being true to yourself, you don’t want to be around people who are judging you.

You may need to reassess who your friends are, but you will definitely feel like you are carrying less emotional weight when trying to get your creativity out.

3. Remember Life is Short

“There is a quote by Rihanna I just love: ‘When I think of myself as an old woman, I just think about being happy and hopefully I’ll still be fly.’

“It reminds me of a technique Cognitive Hypnotherapists use,” Jessica continues, “called ‘’the Rocking Chair technique’ or Future Pacing.”

This technique is used usually when someone is struggling with a decision. It involves imagining an older version of yourself that you want to be. If this version of yourself is happy with that decision and the possible consequences, then you have your answer.

Will that 80-year old version of yourself is thinking about what this or that person thinks of it? Probably not. Pursuing your happiness is the most important thing.

4. Accept All Of Yourself

Last year, Rihanna was body-shamed for gaining weight.

Her response to this was trolling back at people with memes and proving how little she cares about everyone’s opinion.

She didn’t change her style and she never hid herself. She reminded us that we are more than our weight.

“Don’t attach your self esteem to your body image or it will fluctuate as your body does. Your confidence has to be built on deeper foundations so that it stays solid and doesn’t bend to the shape of the external influence you have built it on.

“Live like Rihanna drop comparisons, be comfortable with vulnerability and embrace your uniqueness. Most importantly live through the message I strive to get in the head of all my clients no matter what their issue is. Just have more fun just being you. Ask yourself every day ‘how can I have more fun being me?’”

Rihanna's Confidence & DGAF Mindset

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