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How to Cope When Being Away from Home is Difficult


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Homesickness is usually associated with children being away from their parents or students leaving home for the first time. However, with the increasing amount of people moving abroad for jobs or traveling, adult homesickness has become a very real issue for a lot of people.

how to cope with homesickness

I recently collaborated with an article on the Daily Mail, As Anne Hegerty says she´s `ready to go´ from I´m A Celeb - how to cope with adult homesickness, where I give you actionable tips on how to deal with homesickness.

If you are feeling distress about being far from home, there are specific actions you can take today to feel better tomorrow.

Keep reading to learn how to cope with homesickness even if you don't have plans of going back home in a long time.

1. Acknowledge the problem

Don't ignore your feelings. Know that it is valid to feel the way you feel. This will help you take actions and have a strategy in place.

2. Look for social connection

“Connection is the greatest cure for any feelings linked to sadness(...)

“The unconscious is always looking to reinforce what it believes to be true, so if it is in the mode of, ‘Home is where all my friends are and these people don’t understand me’, it will warp you inner world to make those old beliefs seem true.”

3. Bring home comforts with you

Objects that remind you of home can easily make a strange place look more familiar. Any kind of object works, but choose wisely. Keep things with you that connect you to home but that also remind you of your strengths, resources and capabilities.

4. Communicate with your loved ones

There are all sorts of communication channels to keep in touch. Don't overdo it, but occasionally check in with family and friends so you don't feel them far from you. It's also a good way to remind yourself that you are not completely missing out and they will be there when you get back.

To learn more techniques for to coping with homesickness, head to this article.

Also, feel free to book a complimentary online session with me to dig deeper into this issue and learn resources that will help you overcome homesickness.

If you want to realise your untapped potential then my effective approach is what you need to get you living your best life.

Underpinned by extensive training and certification; along with almost a decade helping clients, I change the way you experience the world through redefining deep beliefs at both a conscious and unconscious level.

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