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Does Apologizing Too Much Make Me a People Pleaser?

Becoming Unapologetic

· Confidence

- I’m sorry!

- It’s ok, stop apologizing for everything!
- You are right, sorry.

Does this sound like you?

If the scenario seems familiar to you, you’re not alone. It is very common, especially among women, to say sorry too much. However, over-apologizing all the time undermines your self-worth and you may be standing in the way of your own success.

how to stop saying sorry

The habit of using “sorry” into every little thing that happens might seem harmless at first sight. But it actually plays against your authority and confidence on the long run. It can even damage your credibility and how others perceive you.

I collaborated with Metro on this article about Why we say sorry so much and how to stop it, so check it out to read more about it.

Here is an extract:


Jessica tells us: ‘Like anything the more you do it the more it becomes ingrained, so if you don’t like this part of yourself something has to change.


‘If you say sorry all the time people around you perceive you as more insecure and will unconsciously treat you as such. You may be given fewer responsibilities or opportunities because you appear to lack confidence.


‘How you are in the world becomes who you are, if you act like you are a constant bother or nuisance you will become one to others.

how to stop saying sorry

If you want to make yours words more meaningful and become comfortable saying no to things you don’t want, you need to work on building your self-confidence.


I can help you understand why you apologize so much, communicate with honesty, and release your inner confidence.


Book a complimentary online session with me to learn more.

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