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Depression and why it's hard to escape the trap.


· Depression

Depression is a common psychological disorder and almost anyone can be affected at some point during their life. It has a paralyzing effect; it puts a stop to everything in your life, replacing it with indifference and darkness.

Most experience depression as a lack of purpose and energy and a “whats the point” mindset focusing only on the negative until they get trapped in a prison of their thoughts.

Studies show it is likely to be somewhere between 5 and 10% of the population suffering from it to some extent at any one time.

It is important to recognise that there is a vast difference between feeling down one day and having a depression disorder. If feelings don’t go away quickly, or they start affecting an individual’s everyday life, it may be time to seek professional help.

Using Hypnotherapy we can find the root of how you are feeling and uncover better beliefs about yourself to move your forward, through editing the words and pictures in your head making a better story and connecting you back to purpose and hope.

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