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Am I Being Too Needy?


· Relationship

What does being 'needy' even mean? The term “needy” comes with a social stigma and as an undesirable trait. However, there is a difference between being needy and having needs. We all have needs and avoiding them can immensely affect your confidence.

am i being needy

Understanding your needs towards your partner is easier if you know your attachment style. There are three common styles that describe the way you see yourself and your partner in your relationship.

However, don’t take it too literal. An attachment style is just a description of common behaviors but can change on time.

In this article, Is being needy a bad thing? A look at attachment in relationships, I explained what these attachment styles are:

  • “Anxious: you have the capacity for great intimacy but fear your partner doesn’t feel the same way. Relationships consume you since you’re sensitive to fluctuations in others’ moods, often taking them personally.
  • "Avoidant: you value independence, preferring autonomy to intimacy. Even though you may crave closeness, you maintain emotional distance, keeping an eye out for signs that a partner is impinging on your freedom.
  • "Secure: you’re comfortable with intimacy, affection, and communicating your needs. You can also read and respond appropriately to others’ emotional cues without taking them personally.”
am i being needy

Women frequently doubt the validity of their feelings and can be socially conditioned to give their power to others. So, our mood, confidence and sense of self-worth can rely on someone else instead of ourselves.

It is important to acknowledge and trust your desires, while also understand how you attach to others and why. This way you can get your needs met and meet your own.

If you want to have a better understanding of what you need in a relationship while relying on yourself for your own happiness, let’s chat.

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