Somewhere between art, magic and science

Kathy and Lara have to speak in front of all their colleagues for an event at work. Kathy is cool with it. She sees the whole presentation going perfectly, in fact she is excited and feels a sparkly feeling in her chest when she thinks about it. Lara, however, is freaking out! When she thinks about it, she feels a dark knot in her stomach and imagines her boss making fun of her behind her back. Then she pictures herself losing her job and begging on a street corner for pennies.


Lara’s reaction is being triggered by a past memory which has been wired into her brain as a threat. When she was six she recited a poem for her classmates at school. Her friends started giggling at a picture on the wall behind her and she assumed they were laughing at her. She then became nervous so when her teacher shouted at her for forgetting the words she felt sad, rejected and embarrassed.


Lara’s interpretation of that past situation became wired into her subconscious mind in this way to stop her from ever doing anything that could lead her to experience the feeling she felt that day ever again. Thirty years later, adult Lara has looked for evidence throughout her life to justify the belief that public speaking is dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.


“In the first session she was able to pinpoint my deepest fears and how they were blocking me. Since the sessions, I really feel that I’m progressing and improving. I am very happy with the results and the impact of Cognitive Hypnotherapy in such a short time.” Enrique Schonberg Schwarz, Business Consultant


Her thought pattern is different to Kathy’s because no one person’s perception of reality is reality itself. Our thoughts are filtered through the lens of our past memories, experiences, and beliefs. The good news is by uncovering the cause of the problem, understanding it, and releasing it can the behaviour can be changed.


Often it’s as simple as not knowing enough about yourself and being uninformed of the subconscious factors that your mind believes to be true which guide your life, or block you from seeing the way out clearly. That’s why it’s so easy to get stuck in the trap, repeating the same patterns over and over. After our sessions your memories will remain, but the emotion attached will vanish and you will soon you begin to notice the changes in yourself.


If you feel that something is getting in your way, then together we can reconnect you to experiences (that without you even knowing) are forming your decisions.  Together we will tear down any underlying negative beliefs that are holding you back, those things that, until now, you might not have even admitted to yourself.

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