Body ~ Physical Symptoms of Stress & Weight loss - fix your relationship with food with Hypnotherapy & Healing - Online and London
Cognitive Hypnotherapy helps you control and manage your weight by updating the mental software of your unconscious mind. Managing your weight starts with self love and repairing a relationship with yourself.
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Body ~ Physical Symptoms of Stress & Weight loss

What would it be like to feel you have control of your mind and body?

Physical Symptoms of Stress

If I say the word ‘yawn’ what happens? You thought a thought and your body reacted.

This is because your body reacts to what is happening in your mind. It can be hard to remember this connection is ongoing because we aren’t always focused on it and our body just gets on with what it is supposed to be doing. Another way of really noticing the mind body connection it is to simply think a thought you find sexy. What happens and where?

It’s time to take control of how you feel in your body.

You can’t change the habit until you change the thought that runs it. When the mind believes the body can be healed, the body can in many instances respond accordingly. Different people carry their stress in different parts of their body, some hold it in the stomach or chest, some in the skin or head. This is down to how your stress response got wired in the first place.

Let’s say the first time you had your heart broken you felt it in your chest, your body will hold on to the pain in that place to remind you not to get your heart broken again.

It will send you the response when triggered so that you don’t forget to stay safe. If you have been to see a doctor and there doesn’t seem to be a medical explanation for your condition, let’s take this conversation further and see if this is something that can be explored together.

I had a series of sessions with Jessica to help me mentally move on after some traumatic experiences were haunting my thoughts. She greatly helped to free me of this negative thinking and reframed my mind to be much more positive, healthy and optimistic. I would definitely recommend anyone considering working with Jessica, a few sessions are an investment in a brighter future! - Charmaine Williams

Weight Loss

Goodbye pointless crash diets.

I don’t like using the words ‘weight loss’ at all! It’s loaded with emotion, it’s an ugly, unhelpful concept. The thing is those are the words most will google to get help. They will search for weight loss in a low defeated, painful moment. They might even write extreme or fast weight loss. This is the reason why I write these words together and here on this page. So that I can be found. Because if you’ve found me it’s because you need me. You need to begin something new, something different. A new long-term, health focused, confidence building approach. Maybe it’s time to mend a relationship with your body, your food and yourself instead.

It’s time for radical self-love.

Weight issues are a struggle very close to my heart because for the longest time it was mine. As soon as I felt any emotion I would run to the shops and fill my pockets with sweets and eat them joylessly alone on the floor of the bathroom. Then I would feel ashamed and frustrated.

In this picture with beloved Josefina I was at my heaviest. Miserable and working at a job I hated for four euros an hour. My confidence was so low I was grateful for it. I was too scared to step on the scales. Ignoring the fact that my clothes hurt because they didn’t fit. Never looking in the mirror. Pretending life wasn’t happening yet too scared to change anything. My self belief was too low to believe I could.

I am now back in control of my weight after three years. It was so hard to sort myself out after having my baby and I felt desperate. I saw Jessica for three sessions and I listened to the download she made me nearly every night. Last Saturday night for the first time in four years I wore a dress I hadn’t got in to since before I had Emily. I called Jessica to let her know! If you are struggling with your weight please call Jessica. – Olivia

Back then I thought this was just how I was and this was how life would be for me.

It was a miserable cycle and I couldn’t figure out how to break it. My way of eating had become a disorder and I was using food to punish and hurt myself. Using weight as a shield and a procrastination tactic. As long as I was overweight I was safe. All of my energy was focused on my obsession with my weight instead of my relationship with myself. To release the weight I would have to finally and permanently confront this.

In doing so I lost 30 kilos and created the relationship with my body that I wanted.

So I started, The Confidence Club, A weight loss club that has nothing to do with weight loss. Because weight loss begins in the mind. Starting with your sense of self worth, self love and repairing the relationship you have with yourself and what you believe you deserve. Then it comes down to creating and maintaining excellent habits.

weight loss that has nothing to do with weight loss

Now is the moment to have the body you want and feel comfortable with. Whatever that is.

Most importantly I want your subconscious mind to be on your side so that this becomes a permanent reality. This is not about dieting, this is a lifestyle change. I have done it myself, I know the way. You just have to trust me to show you how to get there.

No more

– starting horrible restrictive diets, breaking them, then feeling defeated.

– eating your emotions to feel better.

– punishing your body with unhealthy food. Because you believe it’s letting you down.

– gaining weight or wearing baggy clothes. As a way of keeping yourself from being seen.

– feeling like getting the body you want is a battle you are never going to be able to win.

Fill in the form below to get started.

and I will get back to you as quickly as I can. I can’t wait to start helping you make change!

So let’s make this process faster. Give me some details like:

1. Why you want to see me (a little bit about you and your issue)

2. What you want to change (how would life be different without it)

3. Where you want to see me (In person in Central London or Online)

4. When works best for you (time of day, days off etc.)