Take back control of your powerful mind

feel like you are hiding from life?


Together we will work through any fears and phobia whether it be spiders, small spaces, dogs, the dark, transitioning, public speaking, relationships, coming out, heights, needles, flying, the dentist, fear of fear etc. We can also work on emotional fears such as being alone, failure and abandonment. We can rewrite whatever you perceive as a dangerous in this moment and put it in the past.



Anxiety is the mechanism our body uses to protect us from danger, however, exaggerated levels happen when the response tap doesn’t get turned off and constantly drips into our lives. Together we will find the root of your thought pattern and take you into an anxiety free future. Silencing your unquiet mind and helping you learn to relax, and embrace calm.


“I visited Jessica because my fear was having a negative effect on my life. Being able to control my mind and my emotions has been wonderful – the change was immediate.” C.D. Managing Director



Depression has a paralyzing effect. Your mind begins to focus solely on the negatives until everything is wrong. I can help you create new beliefs about yourself and your world, release pain and change the words and pictures in your head. We will connect you to your purpose and help you create the life you want.



Anger is there in the moments where we feel frustrated or let down. If you’re anger feels out of personal control it can end up affecting your personal and work relationships, your health and how you are in the world. Let’s release the pain that has been internalized, help you better express yourself and control your anger and your reactions.


These are some of the more common states I see clients for on a daily basis however, there may be something not listed above I can help you with. It’s best to get in touch to take the conversation further.

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