3 Powerful Breathing Techniques

Under stress our breathing can become shallow and superficial. When under physical threat breathing this way is useful, it pumps air quickly into our lungs to prepare us to flee, fight or freeze. We can alter stressed, rapid breathing by doing exercises to create deep, slow and paced respiration. If

How can Hypnotherapy help with Anxiety?

Do you ever feel anxious without knowing why? Does this get in your way or stop you from doing certain things as a result? Do you ever breathe heavily, shake or get panic attacks? Perhaps you find it difficult to relax or sleep. I used to be an incredibly anxious person, I spent all my […]

09/16: People on The Grid with Katrina Logie

I had a blast with Katrina Logie talking about Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy and how it can help change your life. I discuss the kind of results you can achieve through Hypnosis and the huge benefits for both your personal and professional life. Have a listen!