Connecting you to your deep sense of purpose

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The Knowing

is truly deep coaching. A lot of coaching models are based on setting goals and being motivated to achieve them consciously, which is great, but if your subconscious is working against you, then it will go out of its way to keep you safe by reducing your motivation or increasing your anxiety, leading to self sabotage.


“As a football player, Jessica helped me on my journey of becoming the confident player I have always wanted to be. Working with her has been priceless and I am so looking forward to see what the future has to offer.” Yannick, Footballer


The Knowing is different as it guides you towards what you really want, freeing you from what has been holding you back and in doing so, engaging you in a deep inner confidence. It is based on solid research that shows you how to improve your sense of purpose, passion and happiness, through working on your self, your relationships and your sense of connection to something bigger. Together, we will utilize and maximize what you already have in a really big and profound way so that you expand your creativity, gain clarity and feel excited to take action. If you lived your life the way you wanted, what would you go for that you currently aren’t? What would it feel like to live completely free?

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