Real success stories from clients that have worked with Jessica

“My experience with Jessica was very positive. In the first session she was able to pinpoint my deepest fears and how they were blocking me in my professional development. Since the sessions, I really feel that I’m progressing and improving. I am very happy with the results and the impact of Cognitive Hypnotherapy in such a short time.” Enrique Schonberg Schwarz, Business Consultant #clarity 

“Jessica has helped me to improve my life greatly, helping me to turn my bad habits into good ones. Including quitting smoking, eating healthier, drinking less and exercising more. Can’t thank her enough.” Andrea Fletcher, Hairdresser #cravings

“I met Jessica at a crossroads in my life. I felt disconnected since moving to Barcelona. I thought I would find it easier as it’s something I wanted to do since my twenties. My depression came back which surprised me and I felt completely overwhelmed and started drinking a lot. That feels like so long ago now because everything is different now.” KG, Account Manager #connection

“I had always been perceived as a confident person but simple things like standing up in front of work colleagues and clients to present or speak, would completely overwhelmed me. A friend asked me to do a reading at her wedding and I knew that I would find that impossible. This was when first I approached Jessica. I went into our session with an open mind and no preconceived ideas. What happened was simply amazing. I have never quite experienced anything like it before. Immediately, I felt calmer and more relaxed. She hadn’t cured me with some spell but she had enabled me to view things differently and approach moments of anxiety better equipped. Thanks to our session and the mp3’s, I was able to do the reading – Yay!! Panic over right? Wrong. Weeks later I was thrown into a global media storm after an incident while shopping in a local supermarket. I needed to do live radio and tv interviews and even a speech in front of hundreds during a demonstration. My training with Jessica was now fully put to the test. After speaking with her again and listening to more MP3’s each night, I was able to find the voice, words and strength. The last few months have been an unforeseeable roller coaster and without her support I simply wouldn’t have been able to cope. I would recommend everyone, no matter what your emotional challenges are, to spend sometime with this talented woman.” Thomas Rees, Account Manager #communication & #coldfeet

“Jessica is an expert Cognitive Hypnotherapist. She works with great professionalism and really helped me to uncover childhood brain patterns that we then worked on. After our sessions, Jessica provided me with recordings to consolidate the new brain patterns and after listening to them for about five days I could already notice changes and positive improvements. After a few weeks I can really attest to absolutely new behavior and ways of thinking thanks to the hypnotherapy. Jessica is an extremely serious, scientifically based professional and I can strongly recommend her.” R. P. Managing Director #control & #connection

“I visited Jessica because my fear of flying was having a negative effect on my life and I didn’t know how to solve it. I had no previous knowledge of Cognitive Hypnotherapy but the session felt very natural, just a way of removing the pretense and dealing with how I really felt. Being able to control my mind and my emotions has been wonderful – the change was immediate and Jessica also provided really useful tools to follow-up. Anyone who wants to effect improvements in their life should definitely contact Jessica and talk about how she can help.” C.D. Managing Director #control

“Jessica has helped me in ways that no other therapist could. Her practical yet emotional approach has given me insight into my problems and her supportive guidance has shown me that change is possible. Thank you Jessica.” M Hallum #control

“I am so grateful to her for her patience, insight and understanding. I haven’t just made changes in my life, I have learnt how to make changes myself which is really empowering and has made all the difference.” Nadia #clarity

“I am so happy that I decided to work with Jessica. She has a very professional yet relaxing presence and I was able to fully trust her with what I wanted to achieve: major life change, being able to trust myself with making such big decisions after a period of difficulty.  I had been through a very difficult few years and a custody battle abroad with a vindictive ex partner. I visited Jessica in a kind of “final attempt” to not be afraid to make major life changing decisions, decisions that were necessary in order to get out of a toxic situation and on to much better opportunities.  After our session, Jessica sent me a personalised recording which I have been listening to on a regular basis. This recording alone is worth the price of session, if not more.  Since trying hypnotherapy, and being initially sceptical, I can now report 6 months on that I am moving overseas, getting married, learning how to sail, started a new business that is already making headway in the first few weeks of beginning the project. I am very very happy with how life is turning out!  I no longer feel paralysed by fear or what other people may say or think about me, I no longer adopt old habits and thinking patterns to just wait. I take action and continue on with life. The changes are hard in the beginning but now its all starting to fall into place very nicely.  Most importantly, I trust life and I trust myself again. I can highly recommend working with Jessica and will contact her again soon!” Sarah Jayne Scott, DLuxe Wellbeing Private Yachts & Villas #clarity 

“For me Jessica is very helpful in finding my way back in getting more connected to people, especially in personal relationships. Changing the way of thinking by giving me very useful tools was for me of great added value and changed my life in a positive way. Furthermore Jessica is a very nice person who gives you directly a good feeling so you can share your story easily. She is a real professional and I can recommended her to everybody who wants to change their way of living!” Jeroen, Director #connection

“Jessica was recommended to me to help me give up my 25 year on-off smoking addiction. As it was my first experience of hypnotherapy I was uncertain what to expect but it totally exceeded my expectations! I left feeling lighter, happier, and – most importantly – a non-smoker. I haven’t looked back since my session and I would not hesitate to recommend Jessica to anyone looking to put a habit, issue or hang up behind them.” Kate G, Coach #cravings 

“In 2011, I started to lose all confidence in myself after splitting up with my wife. When it became a sexual issue I couldn’t ignore it any longer and decided to get help. I saw a couple of therapists but I didn’t feel that comfortable and one of them tried to book me in for three sessions a week for three months, I didn’t feel good about that. I felt instantly at ease with Jessica she is really easygoing. We have been working on my self-esteem and as a result of that my sexual issue is no longer a problem and I am seeing someone. For the first time in years I am looking to next year full of hope and optimism.” J #confidence & #connection

“I contacted Jessica as I wanted to improve my self-confidence and job interview skills. I was feeling unhappy in my work and it was affecting my confidence and well-being overall. Jessica helped me to see things more clearly, open my eyes to new opportunities and take control of my life. Just one month after my final session and I have secured an exciting new job! With her help I was able to be open to something new, go for it and succeed at the interview.” Jane #career

“I came to Jessica for help with how to do presentations in front of my team and in the process I received hypnotherapy to help me get over my blocks. I tell everyone I meet about it.” M.M. #communication & #coldfeet 

“As a professional in the Aviation industry, I contacted Jessica because I needed to prepare for my ICAO. As good pronunciation is vital in aviation to avoid miscommunication, Jessica helped me gain confidence by working on my pronunciation and speech pace through Hypnosis. We also worked on job interview nerves. Since working with Jessica I passed the exam and I am very happy.”  Andres Esteve, Commercial Pilot #cognizance & #communication

“Since starting university here (Barcelona) I have had to read out essays and join discussion groups. I used to shake really badly and miss classes on purpose to avoid doing this, now I don’t have to and I actually really enjoy my classes. I recommend Jessica to everyone that asks me how I did it.” Laura M, University Student #coldfeet & #communication

“My experience with Jessica was very special. I needed to prepare for an important entrance level interview for my Masters in Fashion in Paris and I was very nervous. Jessica and I connected in a very natural way and she helped me to communicate clearly and directly in record time, without nerves and with the results I wanted.” Luis Manteiga, Fashion Designer #communication & #capabilities

“I have been receiving business coaching to learn about NLP. It has had a cross over effect because I have mended broken relationships with co-workers.” Bryan #career & #communication 

“I met Jessica when she was the coach on a film. The experience was so positive that since then I always trust her to help me prepare every time I have to do a project in English. Her methods for introducing grammar, pronunciation and acting have always resulted in fantastic things, including an HBO series! I always find myself being surprised in every session!” Roser Tapias, Actress #capabilities 

“Her own memory and learning systems changes beliefs and attitudes which make a huge impact. Thank you Jessica.” Eudald Parera, Director of Corporate Training at Ferrer #communication & #cognizance

“I got in contact with Jessica because I was looking for something that was a bit different. Her focus on how to prepare speeches was impeccable. Through innovation and creativity, Jessica has been able to better my communication, with the great results I had expected and above all helping me gain confidence in myself and my abilities.” Berta Fola, Executive Director of Carpe Diem Communication #communication

“I would like to recommend Jessica’s method’s for her training, expertise and creativity in finding each persons strengths but especially for her patience and enthusiastic support to help her clients face their lack of self confidence and better themselves.” Marta Vega, Head of Library #communication

“We worked together on job interview preparation. In one session, Jessica taught me about NLP eye patterns, body language for interviews and we looked at my answers and how to make them the best they could be. I felt really confident going into the interview and got the job.” Stefania, Travel Consultant #career

“I am an actress so I have to prepare casting videos for sometimes huge, international auditions. I had one day to prepare my audition tape for something really important and I felt nervous. We worked on pronunciation through Hypnosis, then script breakdown. The next day Jessica recorded my casting tape with her camera and directed me through the script read and the filming process. It was brilliant and the video is great and both my agent and I were very happy with it and the opportunities that came from it.” Alba, Actress #capabilities

“Since working with Jessica I am so much more confident, we worked on speaking English through Hypnosis and it now feels easier. Giving presentations no longer frightens me because I feel prepared and I actually don’t mind speaking on the phone, which used to make me so nervous!” Zaira Rodriguez, Student #coldfeet & #communication

“Jessica helped me to feel more prepared me for upcoming job interviews. She showed me some techniques that made me feel really confident. After the interviews I always had the feeling I had said all I had wanted to say to the interviewer and left feeling the interview had gone really well.” Esther Casado Bragado, Project & Office Manager #career


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