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Read about the types of anxiety I work with to see if you identify with any of their symptoms.
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Mind ~ Stress & Anxiety

What would it be like to have control of your thinking and feeling?

Release yourself from the rabbit hole of invasive and fearful thoughts.

Is stress overwhelming you?

Would you love to release the feelings you get in your body created by stress?

The ones that shut you down, like a paralyzing pounding in your chest or a knot in your stomach?

Does constant worry hold you back from taking action towards what you really want to be doing in life?

Are you struggling to break from this alone and don’t know where to start? I’m going to make your life easier. I’m going to help you become anxiety free. But first see if you feel yourself identified in any of the following statements.

Since starting university I have had to read out essays and join discussion groups. I used to shake really badly and miss classes on purpose to avoid doing this, now I don’t have to and I actually really enjoy my classes. I recommend Jessica to everyone that asks me how I did it. - Laura M, University Student


– have a fear of the unknown, your future and any perceived uncertainty

– feel like an imposter

– never feel good enough

 – fear what people think of you

– have an inability to let go and become obsessive easily

– are prone to addictive behaviour

– feel burnt out and overwhelmed

– overthink everything, ruminating on every little detail

– have a lack of balance and focus in your life

– are unable to deal with life’s transitions

– fear new environments

– tend to procrastinate

– suffer with panic attacks

Nowadays anxiety is everywhere.

What most understand as anxiety is simply the mechanism our body uses to protect us from perceived threat in complete overdrive. A controlled level of anxiety is healthy and normal as it keeps us away from danger but nowadays we are so stimulated by constant information it can be difficult to turn the response tap off alone, so it drip feeds into our lives.

There may or not be an actual threat, just a perceived one but that doesn’t stop the focus of the subconscious autopilot continually assuming otherwise.

So it looks for evidence to justify it’s reasons for believing that potential emotional or physical pain is imminent. It then starts to view your world through this fearful tunnel of reality and forms habits of thinking around it.

Our bodies aren’t meant to be at this height of awareness for such long periods of time. This continuous anxious state can feel overwhelming and make life impossible to get through. I will help you reshape your inner world by updating the beliefs and ideas that exist at the deepest level of your thinking that are getting in your way.

Your perceptions will update, your anxiety will disappear.

I will help you overcome the different types of anxiety and it’s physical symptoms by updating the unconscious programming of your mind driving your unwanted behaviour and habits. Moving you away from your past self and bringing all the parts of you together so you become who you want to be today.

For your inner world is ultimately nothing more than a perception based on the stories you have built around your memories and experiences.

Perception can be altered by working through those experiences, and reestablishing where your focus goes. Treating anxiety starts with education and patience. Every single human being’s patterns, triggers and reasons are unique to them. I will let you know with complete honesty whether or not I think I can help you get the results you are after.

It’s time for anxiety to leave your life.

I started to lose all confidence in myself after splitting up with my wife. When it became a sexual issue I couldn’t ignore it any longer and decided to get help. I saw a couple of therapists but I didn’t feel that comfortable. I felt instantly at ease with Jessica she is really easygoing. We have been working on my self-esteem and as a result of that my sexual issue is no longer a problem and I am seeing someone. For the first time in years I am looking to next year full of hope and optimism. – J

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