The Power of Hypnosis

Let me help you with my mp3’s


Our mind is incredibly powerful. Most of us are completely unaware of our own mental power and we end up dedicating our creativity and capacity for imagination to creating a world full of worry and fear based thinking. The thing is we never truly see reality as it really is, the reality going on around us is filtered through our beliefs and the way we have mentally recorded our experiences at critical ages. By listening to my MP3s I will realign your focus to tune in what helps and tune out what sets you back.


I use Wordweaving a technique designed by Trevor Silvester of the Quest Institute, London. Wordweaving is a type of language of trance, which uses a mixture of direct and indirect suggestion and designed to undo the very trance state you find yourself in when you find yourself angry without knowing why or you finish that packet of biscuits without blinking. As much as my aim is to reprogramme your mind, what I really want to do is deprogramme it out of the trance state that hijacks it in those moments you feel you have lost control.


I will guide your mind in the direction it wants to take and lead it to creating a reality that works with you and how you want to experience your world.


If you have a strong need for change, contact me to arrange a free initial conversation via phone, Skype or depending upon availability in person.


Due to the unique treatment process of each client and their issue, this will be the moment where we discuss prices of the hypnosis process and how we will work together to get the results you want.