Your relationship with yourself, your relationship with others


As a fully qualified Lovebirds Coach I have seen first hand a lot of the common mistakes that threaten and damage relationships. The Lovebirds Coaching method was designed by Trevor Silvester to create first, a better understanding of yourself and then look at how this influences your relationships. Lovebirds is not your typical, “Men are from Mars” Relationship Coaching Programme outlining the differences between men and women. This is because Trevor found that similar problems arose in same sex couples and that problems tended to be more caused more often by how we individually perceive the world around us and in that the concept of love and friendships.


There are lots of different areas of relationships we can work on. Self sabotage, when we find ourselves unhappy we often end up destroying things we believe we don’t deserve and hurt people who care about us. If you believe you have problems maintaining relationships, feel jealous or can’t handle being alone I can help you release the negativity that is preventing your relationships from growing. Toxic relationships, if you seem to always attract ‘wrong’ or destructive partners we can look at the reasons for this and overcome it for good. Couples therapy, I often see couples together and help them re-establish a happy and healthy future together with a better understanding of how each other understand love. Fear of commitment, negative associations with the love labels such as wedding, marriage even mortgage can build up to something unhelpful, we can look at the reasons behind what you are thinking and feeling. Getting back out there, if you want help getting yourself back out on the dating scene we can look at that too. Relationships outside of a couple, using this model I can also coach you how to create rapport and look after your relationships at work as well as with your closest friendships and family members.


“I am so grateful to her for Jessica’s patience, insight and understanding. I haven’t just made changes in my life, I have learned how to make changes myself which is really empowering and has made all the difference.” Nadia



I see clients for a vast range of sexually related issues and a lot of those issues lead to feelings of shame. You might think you’re the only person with these difficulties but you really aren’t. Sex related problems are very common with approximately 10-15 per cent of the population suffering from a sex related issue. So why is it still taboo to discuss it openly?


Sex is in equal parts a mental act to a physical one and sexual problems can arise for many different reasons. Past negative sexual experiences such as abuse, trust issues, feelings of guilt and, fear of intimacy, shame related to your body or performance can get in the way. Maybe your mind isn’t in the right place during sex and you have difficulties getting aroused or experiencing orgasm? With male clients there are obvious physical symptoms related to performance that can get in the way of their sex life. If impotence isn’t medical, it’s mental. If you’re wondering if sex can ever be enjoyable again, let’s talk about it and work towards giving you the enjoyable and happy sex life you want.


These are some of the more common relationship and sex issues I see clients for on a daily basis however, there may be something not listed above I can help you with. It’s best to get in touch to take the conversation further.

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