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Mind-Body Connection

As a child I had a serious problem in the form of a physical reaction that was provoked by stress. I went to doctor after doctor and no one could find any reason for it because there was nothing wrong with me medically. The reason for my problem was purely mental yet the stress caused my body to react physically; the only thing that worked when nothing else did was hypnosis because we don’t treat the symptom, we treat the cause.


The connections between our mind and our body are fascinating and can provide the possibility for own healing. The body reacts to what is happening in the mind. If I say to the word ‘yawn’ what happens? You thought a thought and your body reacted. You can’t change the habit until you change the thought that runs it. When the mind believes the body can be healed, the body can in many instances respond accordingly.


“I had a series of sessions with Jessica to help me mentally move on after some traumatic experiences were haunting my thoughts and body. She greatly helped to free me of this negative thinking and reframed my mind to be much more positive, healthy and optimistic.” Charmaine Williams


Here are just some of the conditions I help clients with: nail biting, bed wetting, nose picking, skin scratching, unexplained infertility, thumb sucking, blushing, lip biting, eczema, excessive sweating, psoriasis, warts, tension headaches, allergies, alopecia, impotence, skin conditions, IBS, asthma, insomnia, eating disorders, PMT, OCD, stress induced asthma, stress induced speech impediments.


I don’t want make promises to you that can’t be kept, everyone’s patterns, triggers and reasons are unique to them which is why it is very important we have a discussion first to see whether or not I am the right person to help you with your condition. If you have been to see a doctor and there doesn’t seem to be a medical reason for your condition then let’s take this conversation further and see if this is something that can be explored together.


These are some of the more common mind-body issues I see clients for on a daily basis however, there may be something not listed above I can help you with. It’s best to get in touch to take the conversation further.

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