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Read the praise Jessica received for the positive life changes she helped clients make.
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Success stories from clients that have worked with Jessica

Below you will find statements from clients who left their old fears and patterns behind.

“Jessica was recommended to me to help me give up my 25 year on-off smoking addiction. As it was my first experience of hypnotherapy I was uncertain what to expect but it totally exceeded my expectations!

I left feeling lighter, happier, and – most importantly – a non-smoker.

I haven’t looked back since my session and I would not hesitate to recommend Jessica to anyone looking to put a habit, issue or hang up behind them.”

Kate G, Coach
smoking, addiction

“I loved working with Jessica. She has an amazing depth of compassion.

She gently and lovingly “holds the space” for her clients’ transformation. She exudes a sense of clarity and quiet confidence that made me feel safe and able to explore my unconscious with the knowledge that I was not doing it alone, that she was with me every step of the way as a compassionate witness and guide. She helped me reach the heart of an issue very quickly and directly.

I saw external results in a short amount of time.

Jessica is a beautiful person, and I am so grateful I had the opportunity to work with her! Highly recommend!

Meredith Hendrix
physical symptoms of stress, acne and skin disorders
Click above to hear this 40 second clip from Andrea who had a crippling fear of flying that was resolved in just one session.

“For over twenty years I suffered from a debilitating, exhausting, intense fear of flying.  I still don’t know exactly when it started. Because I loved flying as a kid. However by my mid-twenties I was already turning down opportunities for job interviews. Not visiting friends that I missed and loved. Skipping work conferences. Missing weddings and not saying goodbye to dying loved ones because I was too scared to fly.

For over 10 years I did not fly in an airplane.

At last I began to force myself to fly but it was a white-knuckle affair every time. I would have full blown panic attacks on planes. The kind with sweating and ringing in my ears.  Stewards often had to sit with me to calm my panic on planes. It was a humiliating and agonizing experience to fly with my family.

At the age of 42 was I introduced to Jessica Boston by a mutual friend who told me, “I think she may be able to help you.”  Jessica had significantly helped my friend’s husband with his fear of flying. My friend believed she could do the same with me. I went into our first session wary and skeptical of hypnotherapy but willing to try anything.  I could tell right away that Jessica was different, and that I was about to experience something new.

I could never have predicted how effective her techniques would be though!

Although I was fully conscious throughout our session she was able to bring me to a state of inner connectedness. Here I was able to speak to a level of my own subconscious mind that I did not know existed.

After the session I listened frequently to the MP3 she made for me from our time together. I wondered how it would go to fly in real life. About 40 days after my first session I flew from Spain to the United States. It involved 4 flights, turbulence and witnessing a medical emergency handled onboard one of the aircraft.  Through it all, I felt like a changed person!

I remained calm, relaxed, and was even able to enjoy the experience of flying.

The normal racing heart stayed steady. Believe it or not, I was able to watch movies, read two books, and even take a nap!  I knew things had really changed when my daughter said, “Mom, what’s wrong? Normally you seem so scared on airplanes but this time you’re acting totally normal!”

I’ve now flown 6 times since my first appointment with Jessica Boston and I honestly look forward to air travel at this point.  My husband is thrilled and so are my children. At last we can fly to some of the places we’ve always dreamed of visiting! I continue to work with Jessica now to tackle some of the other issues that come up from time to time.

She is insightful and incredibly effective.

Thank you so much, Jessica.  You’ve changed and dramatically improved the quality of my life!”

Andrea M, California
fear of flying, general anxiety, panic attacks

“Stress was affecting my physical health. Although I seemed to appear fine on the surface, I was suffering from hair loss and digestive problems. Mainly feeling nauseous with stomach cramps. Sometimes I had this going into a board meeting, other times for no apparent reason at all.

I took 3 months of work when things were at its worst.

My partner encouraged me to seek advice as this had been affecting me on-and-off for a number of years. I was recommended Jessica by a close friend. Although I was initially skeptical about hypnotherapy I chose to give it a try as other types of therapy I had tried during my time off work had not been much help.

I can honestly say hand on heart, Jessica is a miracle worker.

After the first 1-to-1 session with her, my physical symptoms were gone! She has allowed me to take control of my emotions in a positive way and deal with my underlying issues. Painting positive pictures in my subconscious rather than the worst case scenarios! Later in the year, I had plans to get married.

Which I was nervous about to say the least! Those old symptoms started to slowly creep back in as the big day grew closer. So I organized another session with Jessica a few days before my big day. Again, with her support, she changed my approach and feeling of the day into a positive one. I was able to fully relax. All my best friends commented on how surprisingly laid back and confident I was on the day. I can’t thank her enough.

I highly recommend her hypnotherapy to anyone that needs help.”

SAO, Senior Digital Media Executive
physical symptoms of stress, general anxiety, workplace anxiety, wedding day nerves

“As a football player, Jessica helped me on my journey of becoming the confident player I have always wanted to be.

Working with her has been priceless.

I am so looking forward to see what the future has to offer. I can’t recommend her enough!”

Yannick, Footballer
general anxiety, performance anxiety, lack of confidence

“This year I decided to take the plunge and start sorting out some bad habits. Too much booze, and wanting to deal with anxiety and weight loss. I approached Jessica via email, she asked lots of great questions before letting me know if she felt she could help. I have undertaken four sessions with Jessica which have all been fantastic. She is great at marrying the hypnosis with listening.

Drawing from my complex situation, she gave me fantastic ways of thinking about my future life.

I always felt supported throughout the process. I have cut down to social drinking. Drinking 85% less over the course of our sessions (these were my goals). So I have lost half a stone and feel hugely confident in my future antics.

 I have completely changed my actions, attitudes, letting go of unhelpful things from the past and refocusing on myself.

I am now learning more Spanish each day. Exercising more and making better choices. These things have happened without effort. I feel that Jessica has made a huge difference in my life. I am looking forward to letting her know all about my continued successes. Thank you Jessica.”

Khami Macdonald, Physiotherapist BSc Hons
weight loss, bad habits, alcohol, overeating, lack of confidence

“My experience with Jessica was very positive. In the first session she was able to pinpoint my deepest fears and how they were blocking me in my professional development. Since the sessions, I really feel that I’m progressing and improving.

I am very happy with the results and the impact of Cognitive Hypnotherapy in such a short time.”

Enrique Schonberg Schwarz, Business Consultant
workplace anxiety, general anxiety
“Jessica wasn’t what I was searching for but she ended up being just what I needed. The adaptability of her approach providing not just a straightforward hypnotherapy session but quickly adjusting to the present needs is a testament to her skill set as well as her personality. Jessica’s positivity and strong belief in her process has a spill over effect onto you.

She makes you feel like she personally goes on a journey of healing with you.

With her empowering attitude combined with her calm and reassuring voice, the results are nothing less than what she’d call magic. As long as you bring an open mind and willingness towards change.

She will work tirelessly through different methods to make that magic work for you.”

Sophia Davis, Luxury Brand Consultant
OCD, general anxiety

“Jessica is a really professional therapist.

She helps you find the answers you are looking for in yourself, for individual awareness and self healing. I personally have had a great experience with her sessions.

They have helped me transform in a positive way.”

general anxiety, depression
“I had always been perceived as a confident person but simple things like standing up in front of work colleagues and clients to present or speak, would completely overwhelmed me. A friend asked me to do a reading at her wedding and I knew that I would find that impossible. This was when first I approached Jessica. I went into our session with an open mind and no preconceived ideas.
What happened was simply amazing. I have never quite experienced anything like it before. Immediately, I felt calmer and more relaxed. She hadn’t cured me with some spell but she had enabled me to view things differently and approach moments of anxiety better equipped.

Thanks to our session and the mp3’s, I was able to do the reading – Yay!! Panic over right? Wrong.

Weeks later I was thrown into a global media storm after an incident while shopping in a local supermarket. I needed to do live radio and tv interviews and even a speech in front of hundreds during a demonstration. My training with Jessica was now fully put to the test. After speaking with her again and listening to more MP3’s each night.

I was able to find the voice, words and strength.

The last few months have been an unforeseeable roller coaster and without her support I simply wouldn’t have been able to cope. I would recommend everyone, no matter what your emotional challenges are, to spend sometime with this talented woman.”
Thomas Rees, Account Manager
public speaking, performance anxiety, panic attacks, general anxiety 

“I visited Jessica because my fear of flying was having a negative effect on my life and I didn’t know how to solve it. I had no previous knowledge of Cognitive Hypnotherapy but the session felt very natural, just a way of removing the pretense and dealing with how I really felt.

Being able to control my mind and my emotions has been wonderful – the change was immediate.

Jessica also provided really useful tools to follow-up. Anyone who wants to effect improvements in their life should definitely contact Jessica and talk about how she can help.”

C.D, Managing Director
fear of flying

“Jessica has helped me in ways that no other therapist could.

Her practical yet emotional approach has given me insight into my problems and her supportive guidance has shown me that change is possible. Thank you Jessica.”

M Hallum
general anxiety, depression

“For me Jessica is very helpful in finding my way back in getting more connected to people, especially in personal relationships. Changing the way of thinking by giving me very useful tools was for me of great added value and changed my life in a positive way. Furthermore Jessica is a very nice person who gives you directly a good feeling so you can share your story easily.

She is a real professional and I can recommended her to everybody who wants to change their way of living!”

Jeroen, Director 
general anxiety, relationship anxiety

“I am so happy that I decided to work with Jessica.

She has a very professional yet relaxing presence and I was able to fully trust her with what I wanted to achieve: major life change, being able to trust myself with making such big decisions after a period of difficulty.

I had been through a very difficult few years and a custody battle abroad with a vindictive ex partner. I visited Jessica in a kind of “final attempt” to not be afraid to make major life changing decisions, decisions that were necessary in order to get out of a toxic situation and on to much better opportunities.  After our session, Jessica sent me a personalized recording which I have been listening to on a regular basis.

This recording alone is worth the price of session, if not more.

Since trying hypnotherapy, and being initially skeptical, I can now report 6 months on that I am moving overseas, getting married, learning how to sail, started a new business that is already making headway in the first few weeks of beginning the project.

I am very very happy with how life is turning out! I no longer feel paralyzed by fear or what other people may say or think about me.

I no longer adopt old habits and thinking patterns to just wait. I take action and continue on with life. The changes are hard in the beginning but now its all starting to fall into place very nicely.  Most importantly, I trust life and I trust myself again. I can highly recommend working with Jessica.”

Sarah Jayne Scott, DLuxe Wellbeing Private Yachts & Villas 
general anxiety, depression, panic attacks, relationship anxiety

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