Why Weight? 3 Month Programme - Online Cognitive Hypnotherapy
This weight loss hypnotherapy program uses research-based methods to guide you on your journey to your sense of purpose, passion, and happiness.
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Why Weight? 3 Month Programme

Power of 3 Programme

 Let’s finally understand what’s been getting in your way. Why Weight?

10 sessions: 1 Power session, 9 Investigation session


  • Personalized folder with exercises, tools and ideas to help you progress faster
  • Personalized guided meditations with each session based on the what has been uncovered
  • Accountability check-ins by e-mail for structure and support

Jessica uniquely guides you both consciously and unconsciously towards what you really want and, in doing so, releasing the weight.

Month one

Working through the 3 P’s – pain, problem, past

  • Understanding your current eating patterns and habits and where you might be going wrong.
  • Firmly establishing goals on where you are and where you want to be.
  • Observing how your current beliefs are negatively affecting different areas of your life and how this is linked to your body and body image.

Month two

Working through the creation of your dream body

  • Releasing fear hindering your pursuit of happiness.
  • Evaluating your self-worth and self-esteem.
  • Building a strong foundation for confidence.

Month three

Embedding consistent action

  • Ensuring the longevity of our work together.
  • Tying up any loose ends and making sure your new healthy habits are sticking.
  • Getting you to a point where you are so clear on what is best for you and you feel so in control that you no longer need me.

Her research-based methods guide you on your journey to your sense of purpose, passion and happiness. Working on your emotions, mind body connection, relationships, confidence and sense of connection translates to something bigger on all life levels. 

“My eating habits were terrible, I was eating my emotions, when I was low I would eat Frosties with condensed milk! I didn’t realize I had this underlying belief that losing weight was impossible for me. I had my first session five months ago and I have lost 7 kilos (14 pounds) and I am feeling so positive about the future for the first time in six years. This has been huge for me. Thank you for everything and for giving me my life back.” - Jaqui, Beauty consultant

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