Weight Loss & Control - Online Cognitive Hypnotherapy
Cognitive Hypnotherapy helps you control and manage your weight by updating the mental software of your unconscious mind. Managing your weight starts with self love and repairing a relationship with yourself.
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Weight Loss & Control

Taking back control of your mind and body

Are you fed up with going on a crash diet, breaking it, then feeling defeated and eating your emotions? Do you punish your body with unhealthy food because you feel like it’s letting you down? Do you wear baggy clothes to hide because you don’t want to be seen? Do you feel like getting the body you want is a battle you are never going to be able to win?

Truly I understand.

Weight loss and control is a struggle very close to my heart because for the longest time it was my struggle. As soon as I felt any emotion I would run to the shops and fill my pockets with sweets and eat them joylessly alone on the floor of the bathroom. Then I would feel ashamed and frustrated. I gained so much weight at one point I got to 100 kilos, and I hadn’t even been aware because I had stopped looking in the mirror and I was pretending it wasn’t happening. I was too scared to step on the scales and I ignored the fact none of my clothes were fitting. It was a cycle I couldn’t figure out how to break. Until I did.


After 30 years I finally figured out the formula and in doing so I lost 30 kilos. Cognitive Hypnotherapy played the most important part in getting the results I wanted.


  • addiction to sugar, alcohol, fat, white carbs, fizzy drinks,
  • bad habits such as yo-yo dieting, binging on weekends
  • fear of getting what you finally want might mean and what you believe you are deserving of
  • punishing your body with harsh diets, laxatives, dangerous drugs, self medication, starving yourself
  • negative self image, body dismorphia, bad relationship with self and body
  • simply not understanding how to eat well and exercise for results

Weight loss can be divided into two main areas, misunderstandings around what is best for your body and how you should be eating and taking care of yourself and anxiety linked to getting what you want and what you believe you are deserving of. For example clients who keep on weight because they are fearful of getting what they really want. I really want to help you do the same.

I am now back in control of my weight after three years. I found it so hard to sort myself out after having my baby and I felt desperate. I saw Jessica for three sessions and I listened to the download she made me nearly every night. Last Saturday night for the first time in four years I wore a dress I hadn’t got in to since before I had Emily. I called Jessica to let her know! If you are struggling with your weight please call Jessica. – Olivia

Weight loss starts in the mind. It starts with your self worth and what you believe you deserve. Then creating and maintaining excellent habits. I want to make sure you get the body you want, and that your subconscious mind doesn’t get in your way. This is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change and I myself have done it. I know the way you just have to trust me to show you how to get there.


Cognitive Hypnotherapy is completely effective at helping you control and manage the body that you want by updating the mental software of your unconscious mind.  Helping you manage your weight starts with self love and repairing a relationship with yourself. Giving yourself what you want, need and deserve.

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