Online Cognitive Hypnotherapy | Physical Symptoms of Stress
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Physical Symptoms of Stress

Your mind and body working in harmony
If I say the word ‘yawn’ what happens? You thought a thought and your body reacted.
This is because your body reacts to what is happening in your mind.

It can be hard to remember this connection is ongoing because we aren’t always focused on it and our body just gets on with what it is supposed to be doing. Another way of really noticing the mind body connection it is to simply think a thought you find sexy. What happens and where?

You can’t change the habit until you change the thought that runs it. When the mind believes the body can be healed, the body can in many instances respond accordingly. Different people carry their stress in different parts of their body, some hold it in the stomach or chest, some in the skin or head. This is down to how your stress response got wired in the first place. Let’s say the first time you had your heart broken you felt it in your chest, your body will hold on to the pain in that place to remind you not to get your heart broken again and send you the response when triggered so that you don’t forget to stay safe. This isn’t always the case and there could be other factors at play. It might an environmental issue.

Have a look below to see if you are suffering with any of these potentially stress induced conditions.


  • restlessness, trouble sleeping, insomnia,
  • bedwetting, night scratching,

Lack of sleep can be harmful and in some instances dangerous. Light sleeping, restlessness and insomnia are related to a difficulty switching off and relaxing. Through Cognitive Hypnotherapy I can teach you tips and tricks to relax and self-hypnotize and get to the bottom of the causes behind your difficulty resting and relaxing.


As a graduate of the Marisa Peer Method, I know how to see couples through the process and struggles of unexplained infertility. Marisa is a renowned expert in this area and has helped thousands of women conceive; she has also written several books and programmes about the subject. Together using her programme and method we can eliminate the subconscious fears or emotional blockages, which may be limiting your chances of successfully conceiving. I’ll take you through the process and help you work through your beliefs surrounding pregnancy and babies. We can also work on releasing the stress in your body caused by the pressure of trying to get pregnant as it’s completely counter productive to the process, and work on creating the perfect mind-set for your pregnancy. I have also worked with many clients that have struggled to conceive due to miscarriage induced grief and I will help you work through this with sensitivity and patience.

I had a series of sessions with Jessica to help me mentally move on after some traumatic experiences were haunting my thoughts. She greatly helped to free me of this negative thinking and reframed my mind to be much more positive, healthy and optimistic. I would definitely recommend anyone considering working with Jessica, a few sessions are an investment in a brighter future! - Charmaine Williams


  • IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), fear of certain foods, anxious eating,


  • Dizziness, difficulty seeing, unexplained migraines


  • Stress induced hair pulling, alopecia, acne, unexplained rashes and allergies, blushing, skin conditions, nail biting,


  • panic attacks, difficulty breathing,

Everyone’s patterns, triggers and reasons are unique to them which is why it is very important we have a discussion first to see if I am the right person to help you and I will let you know with complete honesty whether or not I think I can. I don’t want to give you false hope or make promises that can’t be kept.

If you have been to see a doctor and there doesn’t seem to be a medical reason for your condition, it may be linked to your stress response so let’s take this conversation further and see if this is something that can be explored together.

Fill out the contact form below to discuss how we can make incredible changes to your life.