Hypnosis & Guided Meditation - Online Cognitive Hypnotherapy
Learn more about hypnosis and guided meditation as they are used in hypnotherapy.
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Hypnosis & Guided Meditation

Art. Science. Magic.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state where the mind is focused, the nervous system is relaxed, and you are exceptionally suggestible but it is has nothing to do with relaxation and everything to do with exciting the mind into taking action.

It’s the best way to get in touch with the deep thoughts that drive your behaviour and updating them whilst focusing on images and emotion with intensity and clarity.

Put simply, hypnosis is a redirection of focus, have you ever been looking at something in a moving car that makes you feel dizzy, then simply shifted your gaze a little and found you no longer feel that way. As strange as it may sound the way Jessica works is not dissimilar. Together you will gain a greater understanding of where your focus needs to be to be able to change how you think, resulting in a change in how you feel. All the while challenging the ideas that might be getting in the way of you being able to believe your focus can be readjusted.

And as approximately 90% of our behaviour is unconsciously programmed, this is the state in which to make changes.

Jessica works via Skype. Online Hypnosis or Skypetherapy works just as effectively as face to face sessions. Jessica has successfully worked with clients via Skype the world over for over six years. All that’s needed for excellent results is a good connection, a quiet space and a comfy chair. She is fully certified and trained to the highest level and throughout the process she will monitor you, to ensure you are where you are supposed to be and in the right place to get the results you want.

She is simply guiding you through a powerful state to make sense of the feelings, thoughts, memories, patterns and solutions you need to be able to reboot your mental software and get back in control of your life.

Guided Meditation

We never truly see reality as it really is, the reality going on around us is filtered through our beliefs and the way we have mentally recorded our experiences at critical ages. Listening to her personalized guided meditations she will realign your focus to tune in what helps and tune out what sets you back.

Jessica’s voice is firm, assertive, caring and warm. The quality of her guided meditations are outstanding. - OL

Jessica uses Wordweaving a technique designed by Trevor Silvester of the Quest Institute, London. Wordweaving is a type of language of trance, which uses a mixture of direct and indirect suggestion and designed to undo the very trance state you find yourself in. As much as her aim is to reprogramme your mind, what she really does is deprogramme it out of the trance state that hijacks it in those moments you feel you have lost control. She will guide your mind in the direction it wants to take and lead it to creating a reality that works with you and how you want to experience your world.

Her tone is beautiful and soothing and MP3s have helped me immensely. - Charlotte

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