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Emotion Into Action


As children we are encouraged to spend our days imagining that anything is possible. As adults we channel that same creative energy into self-doubt. In doing so without us even realizing, we replay and reinforce negative stories about ourselves and who we believe we are. Think about that for a second. 


Your mind is incredibly powerful. You are probably unaware of just how so. Unfortunately this means you might be dedicating your capacity for endless imagination to designing an inner world full of worry and fear based thinking. But your mind is not hard wired and your thinking can be changed. You probably don’t still play with the same toys you did as a child or have the same posters on your wall you did as a teenager. Experience has made you different and you have adapted. Thoughts linked to your safety and survival are more stubborn in updating but they can and will be changed if the message makes sense to your unconscious and it’s ready to leave something behind. Think about this your thinking has changed since yesterday and how it will change today. The magnitude of the change will depend on you and the actions you take and what you decide next. Taking action, is what we will work on together. A lot of therapy models are based on finding yourself motivated to create change consciously, which is great, but if your subconscious is working against you, then it will go out of its way to keep you safe by reducing your drive or increasing your anxiety, leading to self sabotage and paralyzing you with heavy emotion. Jessica works differently because she is guiding you both consciously and unconsciously towards what you really want.

  • Freeing you from what has been getting in your way, strengthening your emotional resilience and coping skills and expanding your curiosity about yourself and your own unique way of seeing and feeling the world.
  • Amplifying your creativity and capacity to use imagination to deal with what life throws at you and connect to a project that gives you purpose.
  • Gaining clarity on what you really want and need and in doing so, engaging with a deep inner confidence.

10 sessions: 1 Power session, 9 Investigation sessions


  • Personalised folder with exercises, tools and ideas to help you progress faster
  • MP3 with each session based on the what has been uncovered
  • Accountability check-ins by e-mail for structure and support

More about the process


Over this 3 month period we will be working through 3 stages: Curiosity – Creativity – Clarity

Month one – Curiosity

  • Working through the 3 P’s – pain, problem, past. You might be recognizing in yourself some of the conditions listed below.

Unhealthy mind and body – obsessive compulsive behaviours, tension headaches, eating disorders, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), stress induced hair pulling, alopecia, nail biting, bed wetting, unexplained rashes and allergies, blushing, skin conditions, insomnia and troubled sleepunexplained infertility, miscarriage induced grief.

Weight loss, control and management. Destructive bad habits and addictive behaviours like alcohol and sugar.

Relationships – self-sabotage, issues around sexuality, trust issues, unresolved heartbreak, intimacy issues, sexual performance issues, social media addictions and obsessive behaviours, fearful attachment, jealousy, infidelity, communication issues, constant need for approval, healthy boundaries.

Confidence – Issues related to self-worth, lack of confidence, self-esteem issues, beliefs related to memory, learning and intelligence, lack of self-trust, imposter syndrome, issues around money and value, inability to let go, adjusting to life transitionsadapting to a new environment, procrastination.

  • Understanding your emotional responses and what they are telling us about your current situation and unmet wants and needs.
  • Taking back control of your thinking and feeling by getting you really curious in yourself, understanding your uniqueness and turning what’s tragic into magic.

Month two – Creativity

  • Working through the creation of your dreams and becoming fearless to make it happen.
  • Building a strong foundation for confidence.
  • Connecting you to something big, such a project full of purpose.

Month three – Clarity

  • Embedding consistent action.
  • Tying up any lose ends and making sure that we are testing that everything is falling into place.
  • Getting you to a point where you are so self-aware and in control you no longer need me.

Her methods are based on solid research that show you how to improve your sense of purpose, passion and happiness, through working on your emotions, mind body connection, relationships, confidence and sense of connection to something bigger on all life levels. Together, you will utilize and maximize what you already have in a really big and profound way so that you feel excited to take action. 

“I am so grateful to her for her patience, insight and understanding. I haven’t just made changes in my life, I have learnt how to make changes myself which is really empowering and has made all the difference.” Nadya, Life Coach      

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Jessica offers a free 15 minute consultation to discuss how you would like to change your life.

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