Online Cognitive Hypnotherapy | Anxiety Release – 3 Month Programme
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Anxiety Release – 3 Month Programme

Power of 3 Programme

Do you ever feel anxious without knowing why? Does this get in your way or stop you from doing certain things as a result? Do you ever breathe heavily, shake or get panic attacks? Perhaps you find it difficult to relax or sleep. I’m going to make your life easier and help you break this cycle.

10 sessions: 1 Power session, 9 Investigation session


  • Personalized folder with exercises, tools and ideas to help you progress faster
  • Personalized guided meditations with each session based on the what has been uncovered
  • Accountability check-ins by e-mail for structure and support

Your mind is incredibly powerful. You are probably unaware of just how so. Unfortunately this means you might be dedicating your capacity for endless imagination to designing an inner world full of fear based thinking and the anxious feelings that come with it. But your mind is not hard wired and your thinking can be changed. Experience has made you different and you have adapted. Thoughts linked to your survival are more stubborn but they can and will be changed if the message makes sense to your unconscious and it’s ready to move forward. Hypnosis works on this.

Think of your subconscious as roots of a plant – your roots. If the roots aren’t getting the right kind of nutrients, the plant won’t grow. If your subconscious isn’t getting the nutrients it needs in the form of a strong mind body connection, self love and confidence, then you will struggle to grow and bloom into your full potential.   

Jessica uniquely guides you both consciously and unconsciously towards what you really want and, in doing so, releasing the anxiety.

Month one – Curiosity

Working through the 3 P’s – pain, problem, past

  • Understanding your emotional responses and what they are telling us about your current situation and unmet wants and needs.
  • Looking at the stories you tell yourself about yourself.
  • Observing how your current beliefs are negatively affecting different areas of your life including:
    • Your relationships: sabotage, jealousy.
    • Your body: weight loss and control, symptoms that may be linked to stress skin, stomach, disorders.
    • Your life satisfaction, money and career: how to get to the next stage or what you really want in life.
  • Taking back control of your thinking and feeling by reestablishing curiosity within yourself, understanding your uniqueness and turning what’s currently tragic into magic.

Month two – Creativity

Working through the creation of your dreams

  • Releasing fear hindering your pursuit of happiness.
  • Evaluating your self-worth and self-esteem.
  • Building a strong foundation for confidence.
  • Connecting you to something bigger: a passion project that reconnects you to your sense of purpose.

Month three – Clarity

Embedding consistent action

  • Ensuring the longevity of our work together.
  • Tying up any loose ends and testing your resilience.
  • Getting you to a point where you are so self-aware and in control that you no longer need me.

Her research-based methods guide you on your journey to your sense of purpose, passion and happiness. Working on your emotions, mind body connection, relationships, confidence and sense of connection translates to something bigger on all life levels. 

“Jessica has helped me to improve my life greatly, helping me to turn my bad habits into good ones. Including quitting smoking, eating healthier, drinking less and exercising more. Can’t thank her enough.” - Andrea Fletcher, Hairdresser

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