Hypnosis in Central London for Stress, Anxiety, Confidence, Weight issues
Learn more about hypnosis and guided meditation as they are used in hypnotherapy.
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Art, Science, Magic. Hypnosis.

What is Hypnosis and Trance?

Hypnosis is a state where the mind is focused, the nervous system is relaxed, and you are exceptionally suggestible.

It is has nothing to do with relaxation and everything to do with exciting the mind into taking action.

Trance is the best way to get in touch with the deep thoughts that drive your behaviour. Updating them whilst focusing on images and emotion with intensity and clarity. Used alongside other effective techniques from parts therapy, gestalt, CBT, NLP and advanced coaching strategies means any issues can be dealt with.

Put simply, hypnosis is a redirection of focus.

Have you ever been looking at something in a moving car that makes you feel dizzy. Shifting your gaze a little, you find it’s no longer an issue. Working this way is not dissimilar. Together we will gain a greater understanding of where your focus needs to be to be able to change how you think. As a result changing in how you feel. All the while challenging the ideas that might be getting in the way of you being able to believe your focus can be readjusted.

Most importantly as approximately 90% of our behaviour is unconsciously programmed, this is the state in which to make changes.

Navigating through a powerful state to make sense of your feelings, thoughts, memories, patterns and solutions. Everything you need to be able to reboot your mental software and get back in control of your life.

How will I know if I am being hypnotized?

You might not know, but it doesn’t matter.

Hypnosis is self-hypnosis. While the information out there on the internet may state otherwise nothing out of your control will take place. So you won’t do anything that you don’t want to. Rather you will be fully aware of what is going on. While guided you through a 100% natural trance state. Similar to what occurs many times throughout the day. Almost like daydreaming. Also you can come out of this state at any time.

Live a life without stress

What if I can’t be hypnotized?


Probably just about everyone can be hypnotized. Although some are more susceptible than others. Just think for a second how many things have sent you into trance in your lifetime. Maybe adverts, politicians speeches, beautiful music, poetry or even a suggestion from a friend to have a glass of wine did it. You just didn’t know you were ‘entranced’. Because you never thought about it that way.

Due to this common misconception of hypnosis most believe you will go deeply “under” to a state you have never experienced before. While the truth is the trance state we need to be effective is more similar to the moment just before bed. Relaying the days’ events in your head. Deepness of the trance is not important in achieving results.

Because the trance needed is the one you are in when you are in your problem ‘state’.

I’m sure you access that easily (or you probably wouldn’t be reading this). During the process you may drift in and out of different trains of thought. Maybe at times you will lose focus on what is going on. Above all, all that matters is that your unconscious mind is absorbing the messages it needs for deep change at the correct level.

Will Jessica use a pendulum?


No hypnotic cliches. Swinging watches. Spinning spirals! In contrast used therapeutically, Hypnotherapy is very different from the ideas presented by theatrical hypnotists and the media as a form of mind control.

Will Jessica mess with memories?


Those memories that your unconscious has been holding onto with the intention of protecting you, will be worked on to release stored emotion. Certainly you may be surprised by how fast and effective this is. Very quickly after the session you will feel different.

How do the bespoke guided meditations work?

 Bespoke recordings created by Jessica are especially designed to undo your own unique problem trance and guide your unconscious into your solution trance.

Jessica’s voice is firm, assertive, caring and warm. The quality of her guided meditations are outstanding. - OL

Listening to Jessica’s personalized guided meditations between sessions will realign your focus. Tuning in what helps you move forward and out what sets you back. Because we never truly see reality as it really is.

Reality going on around us is filtered through our beliefs and the way we have mentally recorded our experiences at critical ages. Almost certainly, working on the beliefs creating your reality, reality will change and enhance it.

Wordweaving is the technique she uses. It was designed by Trevor Silvester of the Quest Institute, London. This language of trance powerfully uses a mixture of direct and indirect suggestion.

So as much as her aim is to reprogramme your mind, what she really does is deprogramme it.

While taking it out of the state that hijacks it in those moments you feel you have lost control. Above all guiding your mind in the direction it wants to take. Leading it to creating a reality that works with you and how you want to experience your world.

Her tone is beautiful and soothing and MP3s have helped me immensely. - Charlotte

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