Feel anxious, low, overwhelmed, exahausted? - Hypnotherapy & Healing - Online and London
Jessica Boston combines cognitive hypnotherapy with other techniques to help her clients resolve their issues. She specializes in anxiety, depression, and weight loss and control.
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Is this how you feel?

How many statements ring true.
You are:
– struggling to function, getting by in some moments of the day but overall you feel like you are losing the battle.
– very hard on yourself and constantly criticize everything you do.
– tuning out compliments and positive feedback or don’t believe it.
– flitting back and forth from past regrets to future panic.
– always living the worst case scenario.
– overwhelmed and exhausted.
– full of self-doubt, indecisive and believe you are on the wrong path.
– finding it hard to focus or commit to a direction.
– always looking to something or someone to save you.
– in two minds, you hate the sadness that stems from your emotions but secretly enjoy the chaos, addicted to the drama it brings.
– a world of contradictions, fighting constantly with the different parts of you.
– constantly self-sabotaging, every time you get closer to what you really want you mess it up without understanding why.
– intelligent and creative, perhaps you work in a creative field or would like to.
You fear:
– everything, you are trapped in a fear cycle.
– social situations, so you go out less and less or avoid social events.
– social media, it reinforces your beliefs that the world is a place to be afraid of.
– being seen, so you hide, not putting yourself out there.
– what people think of you and being rejected.
– failing in the eyes of others.
– not being in control.
– being seen as an imposter.
– being unlovable and undeserving.
– being not good enough.
– being yourself.

You have:

– a vivid, intense, inner world which consumes you and often get lost in your thoughts.

– romantic ideas about sadness, and believe negativity is fueling your creativity. Unconsciously fearful of leaving it behind in case it changes you beyond recognition or you lose what you believe makes you special.

– an unquiet noisy mind which causes you to self medicate in the form of excessive drinking, drugs, eating, sex, spending.

– diagnosed yourself with anxiety and depression.

– beliefs that your problems make you more interesting or lovable.

– unhealthy relationships (and there may be abuse in your story).

– tried many different therapeutic approaches, possibly medications and self help philosophies and want something different.

You feel:

– feelings so strongly that you try to repress them which can make you feel disconnected from life.

– anxious all the time.

– in constant conflict with yourself and frustrated by your self-made limitations, so you end up taking no action.

– tension in your chest when you think about all the things you have to do and haven’t done.

– dark and heavy sensations in your body.

– you don’t have a voice and that those around you know what’s better for you and you have started to distrust yourself. You give your power away easily yet at the same time you don’t trust others.

You think:

– too much about everything and have intrusive thoughts that never stop. Overthinking every tiny detail and becoming obsessive and paranoid quite easily.

– differently from those around you, possibly because you are more sensitive or you see the world in a unique way.

– there is no way out of your problem because you are looking at it too closely and with too much emotion.

Yet you know

you have endless potential and if you could only release the blocks, get out of your own way and manage your feelings better you would be unstoppable.

So now you need…
– change
– support
– your unconscious updated
– something different

So if you see yourself (or someone you love) reflected in any of these statements, it’s likely you will see great results with this approach. So get in touch.

“Jessica changed my life. I now understand why I was doing the things I was doing, and can move on with my life, the sessions are so powerful, I've never experienced anything like it, and I'm blown away by how much I understand about myself.” - Kiki Morris, Musician

Take a look at these questions.

See if by answering them you get a better understanding of how you DO your issue.

  1. How do you know your issue is there?
  2. Is it present throughout the day or does it come to you in specific situations?
  3. What triggers it?
  4. When it’s been triggered how does it present itself to you? Is it a picture in your mind in front of your eyes? Is it words you hear? Is it a feeling you get somewhere in your body?
  5. Then what happens?
  6. How do you know the episode has finished?

Click the button below to apply for free assessment. We will discuss the answers and I can guide you better.