A lot of therapy models are based on being motivated to create change consciously, which is great, but if your subconscious is working against you, then it will go out of its way to keep you safe by reducing your motivation or increasing your anxiety, leading to self sabotage, paralyzing you with heavy emotion.


Jessica works differently guiding you both consciously and unconsciously towards what you really want, freeing you from what has been holding you back and in doing so, engaging you in a deep inner confidence. Her methods are based on solid research that show you how to improve your sense of purpose, passion and happiness, through working on your self, your relationships and your sense of connection to something bigger on all life levels. Together, you will utilize and maximize what you already have in a really big and profound way so that you expand your creativity, gain clarity and feel excited to take action.



Here are some of the conditions that you might be recognizing in yourself she can help you through:

Gaining emotional resilience and coping skills, magic mindset work, amplifying your creativity and working through blocks, processing of negative and positive feelings, working through feelings of loss, guilt, jealousy, panic, loneliness, overwhelm, anxiety, unexplained anger, depression, sadness, grief, heartbreak. Issues related to self-worth, lack of confidence, self-esteem issues, beliefs related to memory, learning and intelligence, lack of self-trust, imposter syndrome, issues around money and value, inability to let go, adjusting to life transitions, adapting to a new environment, procrastination, emotional and physical pain. Emotional fears such as commitment, transitioning, coming out, failure and abandonment. Fears related to language learning, communicating, public speaking, auditions, job interviews, wedding day nerves, heights, exam nerves, flying, fear of fear itself. Weight loss, control and management. Relationships, self-sabotage, sexuality, trust issues, intimacy issues, sexual performance issues. Bad habits, Addictions such as smoking, alcohol, drugs, porn, social media, sugar. Physical mind body symptoms such as obsessive compulsive behaviours, nail biting, bed wetting, blushing, tension headaches, allergies, alopecia and stress induced hair pulling, skin conditions, IBS, asthma, insomnia and troubled sleep, eating disorders, OCD, unexplained infertility, grief induced by miscarriage.



These are some of the more common conditions Jessica sees clients for on a daily basis. However, there may be something not listed above she can help you with. Jessica offers a 15 minute consultation to see whether or not she is the right person to help you work through your condition.

“I contacted Jessica as I wanted to improve my self-confidence and job interview skills. I was feeling unhappy in my work and it was affecting my confidence and well-being overall. Jessica helped me to see things more clearly, open my eyes to new opportunities and take control of my life. Just one month after my final session and I have secured an exciting new job! With her help I was able to be open to something new, go for it and succeed at the interview.” Jane

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