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Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a holistic approach to problem solving.

Below are some of the more common issues I see clients for on a daily basis however, there may be other areas of your life I can help you with.

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Adapting to Change

Transitions in life can feel overwhelming. Whether it’s moving house or country or changing career or partner. Your unconscious mind doesn’t love the unknown and often panic can set in when it doesn’t know where to start. Together we can work make the adaptation process less difficult and have you present and enjoying the moment you find yourself in.

Confidence & Self-esteem

In most cases, a lack of confidence is a defense mechanism created to protect you from possible rejection and failure. By replacing old negative beliefs with new ones, you will be able to let go of what holds you back and become the confident person you have always wanted to be.

Stress & Anxiety Relief

Anxiety is the mechanism our body uses to protect us from danger, however, exaggerated levels happen when the response tap doesn’t get turned off and constantly drips into our lives. Together we will find the root of your thought pattern and take you into an anxiety free future. Silencing your unquiet mind and helping you learn to relax, and embrace calm.

Anger & Depression

Depression has a paralysing effect. Your mind begins to focus solely on the negatives until everything is wrong. I can help you create new beliefs about yourself and your world, release pain and anger, and change the words and pictures in your head. We will connect you to your purpose and help you create the life you want.

Weight Loss & Control

Weight loss was my struggle for many years. I know that diet and exercise are critical, but they only work if you have the right mindset to see it through. Through hypnosis, I myself have lost 30 kilos. I know what really works. I will help you redefine your triggers, negative thought patterns, and your relationship with food.

Relationships & Connection

On a daily basis I work with clients that self-sabotage their relationships, subconsciously pick the wrong person, or have other issues such as a fear of intimacy, commitment, rejection, jealousy and sexual issues. I can also help with issues in non-romantic relationships between friends, work colleagues, and family members.

Fears & phobias

Together we will work through any phobia whether it be spiders, small spaces, dogs, the dark, public speaking, heights, needles, flying, dentists or pickles! I can also help with emotional fears such as being alone, failure and abandonment. We can rewrite whatever you perceive as a dangerous in this moment and put it in the past.

Performance Anxiety

We will advance your progress more than any other presentation and public speaking coaching programmes do because we can remove any fears you may have through hypnosis. We then go through every part of giving an excellent presentation, preparing you with all the resources you need to impress.

Habit & Addiction Cessation

Smokers are over five times more likely to break the habit with hypnosis than through willpower alone. This is because hypnosis allows you to resolve the cause of your addiction and question your subconscious. I can also help with addiction to alcohol, drugs, porn, social media and many more. We will remove your triggers and replace them with a coping strategy along with the tools and support you need.

Health & Physical Symptoms

If you have been to see a doctor and there isn’t a medical reason for your condition, it may be something that can be explored through hypnosis. Here are some conditions I may be able to help you with: nail biting, bed wetting, scratching, unexplained infertility, thumb sucking, blushing, lip biting, eczema, excessive sweating, psoriasis, warts, tension headaches, allergies, alopecia, impotence, skin conditions, IBS, asthma, insomnia, eating disorders, PMT, OCD, stress induced asthma, and stress induced speech impediments.

Memory & Learning

Learners often fear making mistakes so much that they don’t ever get started. They go about learning with the wrong mindset and negative beliefs which ends up sabotaging their progress. Our best learning takes place when we are engaged, happy, and relaxed. I will set you up on the right learning track and teach you tools that can be applied to many different areas of your life. I also work with exam stress.

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