My Coaching is "The Difference" that makes the difference

At certain points in our life, it’s easy to get stuck, repeating the same mistakes over and over, limiting your potential. While a lot of factors can come into play, it can be as simple as not knowing enough about yourself and being uninformed of the subconscious factors that guide your life, or block you from seeing the way out clearly. Together we will identify the limitations your life has led you to believe are true, and how they are simply tools your brain uses to help make sense of the world.


Magic Mindset is a mental makeover, based on solid research that shows you how to improve your sense of purpose and happiness, and how to utilize and maximise what you already have going for you in a really big and profound way.


A lot of coaching models out there are based around setting goals and being motivated to achieve them consciously, which is nice, but if your subconscious is working against them, then chances are it will go out of its way to keep you safe by reducing your motivation or increasing your anxiety, leading to self sabotage.


Magic Mindset, differs from these models as it uses tools from Cognitive Hypnotherapy and the Project You Coaching System to help you move in a new direction, freeing you from what has been holding you back and, in doing so, engaging you in a deep inner confidence.


Take a moment to think about this


If you lived your life the way you wanted to, how would it look?


What dreams would you go for that you aren’t at the moment?


What would it feel like to be completely free to be yourself?


Which of your answers really made you think?


We create our own reality through the pictures and words in our head, how we feel about them, filtered through our experiences and beliefs. We can use these same principles to bring more out what you want to attract in your life including success, developing your intuition to notice the nuances of change and enjoying the journey towards what you really want to attract even more because first you make your beliefs, and then your beliefs make you.


We will tear down any underlying negative beliefs that are holding you back, those things that, until now, you might not have even admitted to yourself.

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