Beyonce 's Confidence and how to get it! Hypnosis in London
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How do I get Beyonce’s Mindset? –

How do I get Beyonce’s Mindset? –

No-one performs like Beyonce but what does it take to have a mindset like hers?


Eleanor Lees wrote this article with some advice from me, about what it really takes.


Here are steps 1 and 3. For the full article click the link at the bottom of the page.


If you’d like to know how to live as confidently as Beyonce get in touch today.


Beyonce - The first black woman to headline Coachella

Beyonce breaking Coachella

1. Step into an alter ego


“An alter ego can be a great way to create stamina. Because it’s like giving yourself permission to explore a different part of yourself. You can even convince yourself that your alter ego has the strength to complete the task required,” she explains.


“It has been useful in the past to be able to step into someone else when she has needed it. Nowadays she doesn’t have to do that as she has fully stepped into herself and her magic. She just needs to turn on that performance switch and instead of stepping into Sasha Fierce, she is Beyoncé and she owns it.”


Next time you need to concentrate on getting through something challenging, focus on being a more confident version of yourself.



3. Enjoy what you’re doing


Finally, if you like what you do, time goes by quicker. Beyoncé is the best in part because of how much she clearly loves her work.


This phenomenon is known as time distortion, Jessica explains, so when you’re bored time feels like it’s stood still and a great day out feels over in seconds.


Maybe, next time you need to summon stamina like this, try and think of a way to connect what you’re doing back to a happy memory to find a way to make it fun.


Read the full article and the other 4 steps here –

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