A spiritual solution to a chemical problem


Smoking, drinking and drugs are for the most part considered to be harmful. They are behaviours your subconscious mind adopted and now triggers to change your state and make something in you feel temporarily better. Clear your mind for a moment, what would it like to be able to control your addiction, instead of your addiction controlling you. What would be different?


“Jessica has helped me to turn my bad habits into good ones. Including quitting smoking, eating healthier, drinking less and exercising more.” Andrea Fletcher, Hairdresser


Studies show through hypnotherapy, smokers are over five times more likely to break the habit than through willpower alone. That’s because imagination is more powerful than will. It is so effective because it allows you to resolve the cause of the issue, question your subconscious and establish what it was that first got you addicted. We can also work on addictions in other areas, such as porn, social media, sugar, etc. We will remove the need and replace your bad habit with a coping strategy. I will provide you with all the insights, support and tools that you need.


These are some of the more common addiction and habit issues I see clients for on a daily basis however, there may be something not listed above I can help you with. It’s best to get in touch to take the conversation further.

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