Medium article – Curing acne using hypnosis with Wanderova

I recently worked with Anna Rova, a digital nomad, mega-goddess and frequent contributor to Medium. The issue we were treating was her skin. She wrote an article about her journey to perfect skin and her experience working with me and using Hypnosis.

Below is the text she wrote about working with me. I would like to make a small correction, Anna writes that I had said that it had worked in a couple of cases but actually I work with skin issues frequently with excellent results.

You can read the full article here… Acne & Hypnosis with Anna Rova aka Wanderova

Hypnotherapy (it’s all in your subconscious.)

Okay, time to get serious again. Accidentally, Kara’s friend, Jessica Boston, was a hypnotherapist. I was like “oh my god, no… I will not let some charlatan hypnotherapist lady hypnotise me and then do whatever she wants with my mind…” I was scared.

But after talking to Jessica she said she actually helps people with skin issues and it has worked in a couple of cases… She said she can’t promise anything but we can try. I really liked Jessica (more so I liked how beautiful and calm she was and her energy had drawn me to her. I tend to trust women who have that kind of energy.)

Epic Barcelona dinner with girls and Jessica, the great energy hypnotherapist (first one to the right)

This is not the place to tell you about my session with the awesome Jessica because you probably don’t even want to be taken into the dark tunnels of my mind. I can tell you that I cried a lot and I realized a couple of important things about myself, my past and my “adult acne” problem.

Long story short, the acne on my face was a way for me to still rebel against my father, my family and the world. As a teenager I did rebel physically and emotionally by not coming home on time and being punished for it but doing it again anyways. By skipping full days at school, smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol. By threatening to commit suicide (a couple of times) only to get attention and love. By actually packing my shit and leaving my father’s home because I couldn’t stand my evil step mother anymore. By doing whatever the hell I wanted with my life.

I was rebelling and my face was rebelling with me.

But the problem was that I wasn’t a teenager anymore and I didn’t have to rebel. I was on my own, an adult, supposedly doing what I wanted to do. Well — as it happens with the subconscious mind — the story I was playing to myself internally was a very different story.

I was still the little Anna who’s constantly in the “me against them” world. By “them” I mean pretty much everyone. My family, who was still treating me as a teenager constantly advising and telling me what to do with my face, my money, my work and my life. My colleagues and bosses, who were also telling me what to do and what not to do so I can be a good girl, get a promotion and succeed in life. My friends, who were all trusted advisors and always knew better about how I should live my life. Society in general, that constantly was bombarding me about how I should dress, wear makeup, what books I should read, what college I should attend, how I should achieve success and how I should be politically correct all the time. That’s a lot to handle for a young woman in her 20s.

And I didn’t know how to handle it. I wanted all of them to leave me alone. I wanted all of them to stop telling me what to do because I f*cking knew what to do all my life. Jeez, give me room to breathe, to think, to have my own opinions and thoughts and decide for myself. Stop living my life and living your own dreams through me. I am my own person, I have my own life. Please understand and respect it. I will be okay. I will survive. I will be fine.


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