Speaker at Hubdot ‘The Art of You’

My knees used to buckle at the thought of speaking in public. I would forget my words, my palms would sweat and I would start to shake.

I wouldn’t say I now go out of my way to speak in public, but I feel very different about it and enjoy it. So when I was asked my Hubdot Barcelona to give a two minute talk on “The Art of You” I was excited about the possibilities. Hubdot organise fantastic events for women to connect all over the globe by sharing their stories and ‘networking’ without the business cards.

Talks can only be two minutes long and if you go over your time you get foghorned off by ‘Don’t stop me now’ by Queen. You might think a time constraint makes it easier to get it over with, but quite the opposite, fitting in the entire essence of you in two minutes is incredibly challenging, but I like a challenge.

It forces you to refine your message and communicate honestly without the frills. In my talk I speak about how I came to become a Hypnotherapist and how my interest in language learning and Hypnotherapy because of my past as an English Teacher evolved into the point I’m at today. I wouldn’t call it my best talk to date, but it was definitely fun, certainly a challenge and I met some wonderful, interesting women so all in all a good day out for me.


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