Hypnosis Weekly: Adam Eason & Trevor Silvester

This podcast is an interview with Adam Eason of the School of Therapeutic Hypnosis and Trevor Silvester the father of Cognitive Hypnotherapy and the founder of the Quest Institute.

This podcast is a great listen if you have some time to spare, I very much recommend it if you want to find out a bit more about the model of Hypnotherapy I work with. Trevor really clearly outlines what makes Cognitive Hypnotherapy different.

You can hear from the start what an incredibly charismatic, funny and likeable man Trevor Silvester is, he has and incredible and admirable mindset always looking to better and grow Cognitive Hypnotherapy as a model. This is part of what I believe makes Cognitive Hypnotherapy so unique and effective. Like Trevor says “we are doing the best we can today with all the information we have available to us”

One of the very interesting parts of the podcast are where he discusses how Cognitive Hypnotherapy is working on a research project using IAPT measures to prove how incredibly effective and life-changing it is, by documenting our results and proving it on paper as the evidence based therapy that it is. This is a wonderful and unique achievement demonstrating the robustness of QCH as a therapy model.

In an average of six sessions, 71% reported themselves recovered, compared to 42% of people using other IAPT therapies.


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