Proven effectiveness of Cognitive Hypnotherapy

The changes made in hypnotherapy are historically hard to measure, this is one of the most important reasons that hypnotherapy is still considered an alternative therapy despite it’s power to make huge changes in people’s lives.

The changes made are designed to happen very subtly and naturally and without giving importance to the talent or skill of the therapist, but to the power of the client to realize changes in their own world.

The amazing hypnotherapists I know are proud of the work they do with clients and the amazing changes they bring into their clients lives, but it would make all the difference to us to have solid proof of the effectiveness of the work we do.

This is why my great friends, the wonderful Trevor and Rebecca Silvester of the Quest Institute, where I did my Hypnotherapists Practitioner Diploma training in London, are so dedicated to establishing and registering the evidence.

In this video above they discuss the pilot study that has recently been published in the Mental Health Review which outlines Cognitive Hypnotherapy as an effective treatment for depression and anxiety.


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